Thursday, October 31, 2013


Friends, my dear dear friends.

I realize I am SO behind the curve, but I just got my first iPhone on Saturday. Yep, I'm a newbie. 
Thanks for all of your input the other day on Instagram, for real! I ended up going with the one on the left...but just to show how indecisive I am, there are the 12 (yes 12, I'm crazy) I was narrowing it down to from Society6:
1. Floral Explosion by Amy Sia
2. Pass this on by Danny Ivan
3. Stockinette Orange by Elisa Sandoval
4. Gatsby Gold by Monika Strigel
5. Emerald Doodle by Micklyn
6. Sparkle Stripe by Social Proper
7.Reassurance by Caleb Troy
8. Cryyp by Spires
9. DG Aztec No.1 by Dawn Gardner
10. Chevron Flora II by Bianca Gree
11. Electric Haze by Amy Sia
12. Ocean Blue by Sara Eshak

Now it's your turn:
Which of these would you choose?

xo, lp

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Baked Cheese Stuffed Jalapeños

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Football season is in full swing, which means having a good (indoor) tailgating recipe or two under your belt in necessary. 
Here's one I whipped up the other day that was dangerously good:

What You'll Need to Make it Happen:
*makes 10 halves
- 5 small Jalapeños
- 4 ounces cream cheese 
- 1 ounce shredded co-jack cheese (but almost any kind would do!)
- 1 tsp chives
- 1/4 tsp garlic powder
- 1/4 tsp cayenne
- 1/4 tsp paprika

How to Make it Happen:
Step 1: Cut your jalapeños in half and de-seed fully.
Step 2: Mix all the rest of your ingredients together in a bowl.
Step 3: Fill each jalapeño to the brim with your cream cheesy mixture.
Step 4: Bake in a 350 degree oven on tinfoil for 15-20 minutes. Check after 10 minutes to make sure they aren't burning! Once they're brown and bubbling, you're good to go!
Step 5: Let cool for a few minutes so you don't totally burn your mouth off- and enjoy!

I know they aren't the most beautiful or appetizing lil guys, but they are delicious! Oh, and for you spicy-phobes out there: removing the seeds and baking takes a lot of the spice out of these peppers, so even you might like them!

What's a great tailgating recipe you know?
Share in the comments, I'd love to hear!

xo, lp

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Monday, October 28, 2013


 Monday! It's here team!

This weekend was strange. The good things of seeing my sister and her boyfriend, going to my niece's 4th b-day party, and of course, a packers win- you just can't get much better. The bad things? Having some of the worst customer service at a  BWW. I am so baffled these days when businesses make mistakes, and don't doing anything in the least to make it right. Don't they understand the power of social media?
Enough of that. 

Here's what's good lately:

1. Last week I MET JAMES JONES AND WON PACKERS TICKETS! Whew. That's one of the most exciting sentences I've typed in a while. He came to our work- and after doing and endzone dance on stage in front of the company...I got lucky and won a set of Packers tickets! AHHHHHH!

2. Crap. Fall is freaking gorgeous in the Midwest. Can we discuss this tree? What? Magic.

3. I finally joined the dark side and got an iPhone this weekend! Big hugs to all who gave their input on Instagram for which of these cases I should purchase- I love each and everyone one of your opinionated people. Like big time. I mean, they're both gorgeous, right? 

4. Tomorrow I'll be sharing a recipe with these: 

Tell me something fantastic about your weekend!
(or chime in on which case you like better!)

xo, lp

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Currently, v3

I haven't done one of these posts in a while!

And of course, in true seasonal theme, I've included a lil' fall picture, just for you anti-word, pro-picture crowd out there:

FEELING: Shocked that there was a few snowflakes out yesterday. WHAT. How did that happen?

READING: Confederates in the Attic. Or well, I'm about to start it. Michael being a history nerd means we have a ton of great books about the Civil War & WWII, and I can't wait to get started on this one!

LISTENING TO: "Sail" by AWOLNATION...mainly because this 40 second spoof video totally kills me. Every. Time. 

THANKFUL FOR: The insane luck of winning Packers tickets at work last week, AND getting to meet James Jones. Seriously- a Packers fan's dream. To make it even more amazing, the game I won tickets to is on our anniversary, which is more than I could have asked for! Expect us to be making tacky signs like "We skipped the anniversary dinner to have a date with AARON & CLAY!" or something like that. Be warned.

EATING: Apple Cider Sticks (frozen cider), cheese from the farmer's market last weekend, and the best pasta ever from a recipe from a friend. She's sworn me to secrecy on how it's made- so you'll either have to take my word on it being the best, or come to WI and have me make it for you. Nom.

WATCHING: Forrest Gump and getting weepy. I'm sorry- I haven't watched this movie in forever- WHEN DID IT GET SO SAD? If you haven't watched it in a while, I really recommend seeing it again. When he's talking about all the beauty he saw on his runs..and even in Vietnam...MAN it just gets me. I know it's all fiction, but I know there are people out there that are that positive, and it just makes you want to be...better, ya know?

LOVING: Oh geez. THIS cozy scarf (in both colors!), THIS badass mug, THIS gorgeous purse (for under $20-what?!), THESE fall flats, and THESE  hexagon lovlies. 

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Tonight! I'm having some work friends over for a "housewarming" party...even thought we've lived here for 3 months. Sigh. We just don't have our act together this time around when it comes to getting the place set up and having a timely party. Whatever. Awesome excuse to have some of my favorite friends over for food! I'm planning on making THIS and THIS for sure!

What's up with you, currently?
And good books or shows/movies I should check out?

xo, lp

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

REESE'S + NUTELLA CAKE (yeah, that's right!)

I know you're thinking, "ummm Reese's + Nutella? isn't that a little over-indulgent?"
Well your answer is yes, it is. But don't deny it- you're intrigued! 

I made this cake for our friend Josh's birthday last month, and it was a hit! Truthfully, I wasn't quite sure what to make him for dessert, until his wife Dani said "well, he likes Reese's and Nutella." I figured, why not combine the two??

What you'll need to make it happen:

-Either Devil's Food Cake Mix or this recipe (yes, i cheated and used a mix. oops)

- 14 Reese's peanut butter cups (10 cut in half, the rest chopped up)
- 1/2 cup Nutella
- 4 ounces cream cheese
- 1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
- 2 cups powdered sugar
- 4 ounces sugar
(or, Nutella + tub of cream cheese frosting!)

How to make it happen:

Step 1: Bake yo' cake in two 8 inch round cake pans.
Step 2: Let cool FULLY. No for real. Keep your hands off!
Step 3: Beat your cream cheese and butter together until smooth. Add in powdered sugar and vanilla. Stir in Nutella.
Step 4: Set your first round down and put a layer of frosting down, and sprinkle chopped Reese's over it.
Step 5: Add your next layer of cake, and frost cake completely.
Step 6: Use your Reese's halves to place around the top and sides of the cake, covering the rest of the top of the cake with the crumbled pieces!
Step 7: Keep in fridge until ready to serve, and enjoy with a big glass of milk :)

There you have it. Nutella + Reese's Cake. It's as good as it looks, I promise.

You guys have any fun cake recipes up your sleeve?
Share a link in the comments, I'd love to see them! 

xo, lp

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**love nutella? try my nutella puppy chow or nutella krispy bars!

Monday, October 21, 2013


 This week is going to be a good one, I just know it! I mean, despite the possibility of a snow shower Tuesday.
Gross, winter- I'm not ready for you yet.

Here's a few outfits lately (work/errands/work):

The red flats? get them HERE. You can only get half-sizes online, just an FYI!
The magical sweater in the first picture? get it HERE. it runs true to size, and it's the coziest thing EVER.
just look at the thing:

My parents were in town this weekend and we went to a (rainy) farmer's market on Saturday. How gorgeous are these kale flowers??
Tomorrow I'll be sharing this recipe. Get ready:
I've started to get my Halloween on. Our bar is fully decorated, glitter pumpkins and all:

What decorations have you been putting up!?
Come on, I know I'm not the only Martha wanna-be around here!

xo, lp

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday's Fancies #71: Travel Chic

This is something I have nailed, for sure. Ask Michael- I'm kind of obsessive when it comes to being organized for travel, especially plane travel. I have what to wear and what not to wear down like a champ!
Here's what I make sure I wear/carry:

 1. Comfy. Flowy. Tops. Only. Sitting for hours in a car or plane in a tight fitting top? No thanks. This loose, comfy top is perfect for travel.
2. Same thing goes with your pants. Broken in, trusty jeans that are easy to wear but not ratty are the way to go. These boyfriend jeans fit the bill!
3. I know it's a random thing to over-think, but I always either pack or wear a few extra hair ties. When you're running through and airport for a late flight, you're gonna want to throw your hair up stat!
4. No matter what, when you fly, for the love of god use a bag with a zip top. Coming from someone who often spills her purse: get a zip top bag.
5.  Acrylic monograms are the new bag tags. Amiright?
6. Flats. Always. Having to take your shoes off in the airport is embarrassing enough- and having to untie and tie laces is just a waste of time!

Please note the lack of jewelry.
Unless you're looking for a big old awkward feel from a TSA agent, just avoid the jewelry. I learned that rule the hard way!!

What's your  travel tip?
Share away, friends!

xo, lp

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blogger Buzz v.4 : Sip & See

This month's Blogger Buzz is a simple but fun one! 
Today we're just sharing our favorite magazine to read...and our favorite drink to sip on while we flip through them: 

Samantha of The Brunette One
Iced tea with Lemon and InStyle

Glass of Wine and Coastal Living

Spiked Apple Cider and Domino

Earl Grey Tea and Real Simple

Glass of Vinho Verde and Martha Stewart Living

Alright, now it's your turn to share...
Ready.. Go!

xo, lp

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


So last year, actually almost exactly 1 year ago to the date, I posted my favorite pumpkin seed recipe
It's my go to, kind of spicy, perfectly salty recipe. 
This year I wanted to try something a little different, so I whipped out my Kernel Season's Ranch. I know you remember them from my Parmesan Garlic Popcorn post, right? Such a groupie, I know.
Anyways, not only is their stuff yummy on popcorn, it is DELICIOUS on pumpkin seeds!

What you'll need:
- 1 1/2 cup Pumpkin Seeds 
- 1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
- Parchment Paper

How to make it happen:
 Step 1: Preheat your oven 350 while you're gutting your pumpkin
Step 2: Clean your seeds off! No one likes pumpkin goop.
Step 3: Toss your seeds in olive oil and spread out your seeds on a parchment paper lined baking sheet.
Step 4: Sprinkle with Ranch seasoning and bake for 10 minutes.
Step 5: Flip your seeds over, and bake for another 15 minutes, until golden brown!
 There is nothing better than pumpkin seeds in the fall. I don't like pumpkin flavored things...except these seeds!

What's one of your favorite fall snacks?
If you like pumpkin seeds, you MUST try this recipe!

xo, lp

Monday, October 14, 2013


We're back at Monday. Woof.

This weekend was stellar. Over 20 friend from college all together back in town, which was only made better by a Badger win (and then a Packer with the next day)!!

Let's review what's up lately:

1. I expect to see you share your BOO! cupcakes on Instagram when you make them! 

2. The only shirt you need for fall is this flannel check shirt from Old Navy. In every color. Stat.

3. The couple that cheers for the Badgers together stays together, right?

4.  I AM FREAKING OUT. I won a competition at work and I get to meet THE James Jones from the Green Bay Packers this week. I'm really hoping he'll still be in good spirits even though he got hurt this week. James, since I'm sure you read my blog on the reg- SEE YOU TUESDAY!  UPDATE: because of his injury, he won't be coming to work this week. Fingers crossed he'll be healed by next week so I can get a chance to meet him! Feel better, Mr. Jones!

5. Tomorrow I'll be sharing a yummy pumpkin seed recipe. If you like ranch, you'll love these!

Tell me something good about your weekend friends?
Or, does anyone else have something really exciting happening this week?

xo, lp

Thursday, October 10, 2013


(source unknown. somebody help me here!)


I got home last night an legit sat on the couch waiting for Michael to get home so I could complain about my day.

Let's talk about what is wrong with that scenario.
a.) it's super selfish
b.) it's super negative
c.) it's super selfishly negative

Luckily for me I have a rockstar boyfriend who calmed me down, went to the gym to workout with me, and then made me dinner. What-whaaaaaaat!

After dinner I got ready to set up my work computer and go over a project, and realized how much I had to be thankful for. 
I know you're all thinking: "LAURA. It's October 10th. Thanksgiving isn't for over a month. Cool your jets", but why do we have to wait until Thanksgiving to do a "thankful" post? 
After being so negative today, I figured it was time to do a quick post on things I'm thankful for. I really encourage everyone to try writing a post like this. I know it's cheesy, but thinking of all the positive things in your life can really improve your mood!
So here's what I'm thankful for:

- honeycrisp apples 
- my two cutest nieces
- nice comments on instagram + the blog
- hearing "thank you" for even the smallest nice deed
- small town wisconsin restaurants
-Breaking Bad
- Michael 
- comfy pj pants
-ginger ale
- ridiculous emails from friends
- the smell of fall air
- warm sheets out of the dryer
- the green bay packers
- cheap flowers from the grocery store
- finding new etsy shops to love
- buttered noodles (yes i'm 5)
- 25 cent machine toys
- this necklace

So, friends. Put all your fears of being cheesy aside, and tell me what you're thankful for!
I can't wait to read them!

xo, lp

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

BOO! CUPCAKES (with a surprise inside!)

 Alright kids. Here it is. My one and only Halloween food post for the year.
What did I go with? BOO cupcakes, clearly! They aren't your usual cupcakes though, they have a super-sweet filling inside, for an extra Halloween treat!

For Valentine's Day Kelly at Studio DIY had the genius idea of using cookie cutters and Airheads to make edible letters on cakes & such. Genius. 
So a few orange Airheads later, I had my BOO cut out:

What you'll need:
- Orange Airheads
- White Frosting (either homemade) or from a container 
- Chocolate cake mix (either homemade) or  from a box
-Orange Food Coloring

How to make it happen:
Step 1: Bake up your cake mix and let cool completely.
Step 2: Cut out the center, fill with orange colored frosting, and top with the cutout.
Step 3: Frost, add your letters, and enjoy!

When I first came up with this recipe I figured it would be great for kids...but I mean, it works for adults too, right?!

What Halloween treats are you making this year?
I can't wait to hear your creative ideas!

xo, lp

Monday, October 7, 2013


Oooooooh people. 
Can we all just agree that weekends in Fall are the best? 
I mean, despite the crazy amounts of rain we got that ruined our plans to camp all weekend. But besides that, the best. 
After some family time on Saturday we partied like two 25 year olds should...falling asleep by midnight after watching The Hunger Games on an air mattress in the living room. #winning

Sunday was perfection. We drove to nearby Blue Mound State Park and spend the afternoon hiking in the woods & checking out the awesome watchtowers.Afterwards we stopped at the Hooterville Inn to watch the rest of the Packers game over beer & lunch. I swear, there is no better place to get lunch than at a dive bar that accepts cash only, in a town of 855 people.

Sunday I also finished carving my annual Halloween Packers pumpkin! I know it's a little early, but I was entering it into a competition for work this week, so it had to get done. Hoping they'll like the cheese look :)

I've been BUSY lately! I mean, beyond the 8-5 job and all.
First: I was lucky to write an article on smart workplace fashion for BrightPeak Financial- check it out!

Second: Eve's Addiction asked me to be to represent Wisconsin for their Sparkling Across America series. Check out my interview here!

Annnnd finally, tomorrow I'll be sharing my one and only Halloween "recipe" for the year. Boo cupcakes..with a surprise center!

WHEW. Enough about me. 
Tell me something good about your weekend, friends!

xo, lp

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday's Fancies #70: Color Crush: Cranberry

Happy Friday lovelies!

This week's Friday's Fancies is always one of my favorites - Color Crush! 
With Fall here to stay it's time to put away the pastels and jump head first into the deep jewel tones-  cranberry being my favorite. I don't what was up with everyone calling it "oxblood" last year. I mean, burgundy, maroon, bordeaux- all MUCH more appealing than "oxblood" #amiright?
Here are a few of my faves:
1. This faux-leather crossbody bag from Forever 21 is fantastic! I haven't seen it in stores so I might need to order it online- but for under $20, it's worth the wait.
2. I wonder how many times I've included different colors of these Kate Spade studs in my posts. Fuh real.
3. I don't know when Gap stepped into the bag game, but they've been rocking it the past few season. Mama like this deep red tote!
4. This vampy NARS color makes me wish I watched Trueblood so I could be one of those characters for Halloween. I heard that's about vampires? Right? Maybe? No?
5. This Essie shade is excellent. I'm thinking a deep deep red will be my fall neutral.
6. This simple bracelet from Baublebar is perfect for the person not quite ready to give up summer- the light blue crystal middle tones down the dark red surround!
7. I mean, well done with this beauty, Baublebar! LOVE this necklace, seriously gorgeous!

What color are you loving for Fall?
Pleeeease don't say oxblood.

xo, lp

Thursday, October 3, 2013

9 TOPS YOU NEED RIGHT NOW (from old navy. what!?!)

It's no surprise that Old Navy is getting better and better (high fashion friends, stop cringing!)
 I mean, they have BIG name bloggers toting their stuff, so it has to be pretty cute, right?

This season is no different, and I'm here to share 9 fantastic pieces that are stylish and..let's face it...ridiculously cheap!
**Something to keep in mind, Old Navy pretty much always has at least a 20% off promotion going on online. Note: NEVER buy Old Navy in the store! They are huge into Online-only deals, and free shipping over $50 and free returns.**




Which top would you make yours?
I'm not going to reveal how many of these I own. It's embarrassing. But I will say the lurex sweatshirt is the comfiest thing ever. Ever.

xo, lp

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Oooooh it is time for Fall Food.
Warm soups, piping hot cider, and apple everything! 

Here are some of my favorite, perfect for fall recipes. Tried and true by...well... me.
1. Baked Apple Chips: Apples are errrywhere in fall, which means it's time to stock up and make an abundance of baked apple chips! Easy, healthy, & delicious.
2. PUMPKIN SEEDS!!!: Pumpkin seeds are the best part of fall. Screw the cornsyrup-laden PSL, go for crunchy, tasty spiced pumpkin seeds. Nom.
3. Salted Caramel Sauce: I mean, you can pretty much put this stuff all over everything. Or by itself. Mmm.
4. Oven Roasted Tomato Pesto Crostini: Hopefully the title sounded good enough to entice you! It's one of my go-to fall appetizers!
5. Herb Parmesan Crisps: Since it's soup weather now, this easy recipe is a must-have for the fall. They add a little extra salty, crunchy kick to your favorite soup.
6. Veggie Pesto Soup: It's the kind of delicious soup that vegetarians and meat eaters alike can enjoy. Hot, hearty, and healthy!

What food do you look forward to in fall?
For more food inspiration, check out this board on Pinterest!

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