Thursday, October 3, 2013

9 TOPS YOU NEED RIGHT NOW (from old navy. what!?!)

It's no surprise that Old Navy is getting better and better (high fashion friends, stop cringing!)
 I mean, they have BIG name bloggers toting their stuff, so it has to be pretty cute, right?

This season is no different, and I'm here to share 9 fantastic pieces that are stylish and..let's face it...ridiculously cheap!
**Something to keep in mind, Old Navy pretty much always has at least a 20% off promotion going on online. Note: NEVER buy Old Navy in the store! They are huge into Online-only deals, and free shipping over $50 and free returns.**




Which top would you make yours?
I'm not going to reveal how many of these I own. It's embarrassing. But I will say the lurex sweatshirt is the comfiest thing ever. Ever.

xo, lp


  1. Old Navy has been such a gold mine lately–and I recently discovered their workout gear during a sale. It's AMAZING!

    1. Right?? Their workout gear is awesome- I love the long sleeve half-zip shirts that have holes for your thumbs for when it's cold. PERFECT!

  2. Almost bought that rose gold sequined top last weekend! I went with it's sweatshirt version instead. Both are amazing!

  3. Cough... I own 4 of these...Cough :) I am actually headed to Old Navy after work today and will be picking up that Lurex sweatshirt FO SHO! Also... it's Old Navy's "Stuff & Save" right now. Today 40% off for Cardmembers in the store and then 30% off through the 10th. I like Old Navy because they have some really great clothes/finds and I don't feel absolutely horrible if I ruin something from there, because I didn't spend an arm & a leg on it. Thanks for the ideas lady :)

    1. Bahahah I know.. I own 4 too. Ridiculous!!


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