Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday's Fancies #71: Travel Chic

This is something I have nailed, for sure. Ask Michael- I'm kind of obsessive when it comes to being organized for travel, especially plane travel. I have what to wear and what not to wear down like a champ!
Here's what I make sure I wear/carry:

 1. Comfy. Flowy. Tops. Only. Sitting for hours in a car or plane in a tight fitting top? No thanks. This loose, comfy top is perfect for travel.
2. Same thing goes with your pants. Broken in, trusty jeans that are easy to wear but not ratty are the way to go. These boyfriend jeans fit the bill!
3. I know it's a random thing to over-think, but I always either pack or wear a few extra hair ties. When you're running through and airport for a late flight, you're gonna want to throw your hair up stat!
4. No matter what, when you fly, for the love of god use a bag with a zip top. Coming from someone who often spills her purse: get a zip top bag.
5.  Acrylic monograms are the new bag tags. Amiright?
6. Flats. Always. Having to take your shoes off in the airport is embarrassing enough- and having to untie and tie laces is just a waste of time!

Please note the lack of jewelry.
Unless you're looking for a big old awkward feel from a TSA agent, just avoid the jewelry. I learned that rule the hard way!!

What's your  travel tip?
Share away, friends!

xo, lp


  1. Loose jeans/pants are a must for me when traveling (I usually wear a comfy dress). I hate the idea of sitting uncomfortable for hours!

  2. I have to have an over-sized handbag when traveling. I love those flats...too cute (^_^)

    Visiting from Friday's Fancies...have a fabulous weekend,

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