Thursday, December 31, 2015


2015 was a solid year.

I know that's not very exciting. People normally are all like:
"this year was the best of my life!"
"this year was so unreal I can't even handle it!"
"this year was epicccccccc"

I don't know that any of those really sum up my year. Don't get me wrong, 2015 was great.
Michael and I have great jobs, an apartment we love, and awesome friends.
We went on camping trips, visited family, and celebrated people we love getting married.

But I have a feeling about 2016 though. It's going to be THE year. I just know good things are going to happen. 

So cheers, 2015- you were excellent- but move over for your better looking sister, 2016!

Here are some snapshots from the last year on Instagram (@lpodlich)

rainbow instagram


Friday, December 11, 2015


Another Gift Guide?

If you missed it, you can find the booze-loving friend gift guide HERE and the coffee-loving friend gift guide HERE

Today's gift is another no-brainer. We all have friends who treat their pets like they are better than anything else on the planet. They talk to them like humans, they buy them a ridiculous amount of toys...
These are gifts for those people. 


GRUMPY CAT 2016 calendar: $15, Free shipping You don't even need to be a cat-lover to appreciate this one.

GLASSES KITTEN makeup pouch: $15, Free Shipping I mean...pretty cute, right?

ARE YOU KITTEN ME RIGHT MEOW pillow:  $39, Free Shipping: Who doesn't love a good cat pun?

PINK CAT candle:  $34, Free Shipping: I feel like it would be kind of creepy to burn this- but might just look cool on a shelf!

HARRY BARKER dog toy: $14, Free Shipping: Um, tartan dog stuff? YES. 

CALI DOG pouch: $14, Free Shipping:  Dogs wearing clothes? Fuggeddaboutit.

I'M NOT SINGLE,  I HAVE A DOG mug: $14, Free Shipping  HA. HA. Love.

BEST FRIEND dog mat: $8, Free Shipping This has a cool modern feel to it- great for any dog owner. 

Which gift will you be buying your pet-loving friend?

xo, lp

Monday, December 7, 2015


Day 2. Hope you all liked yesterday's Gift Guide for Booze Lovers ! Today we're putting away the hard liquor and bringing out the caffeine...time for gifts for those coffee & tea lovers you know! These are also good gifts for secret santas at work - because a coffee/tea gift is always a safe gift.

Links below! 

Gift Guide for your coffee or tea loving friend!

COLD HANDS WARM HEART travel mug $18, Free Shipping  
B&W STRIPES travel mug $18, Free Shipping
BRIGHT FLORAL travel mug $14, Free Shipping 
I DID MY BEST travel mug $14, Free Shipping 
I WOKE UP LIKE THIS mug $10, Free Shipping 
BEST DAY EVER mug $10, Free Shipping 
SCRABBLE LETTER mug $10, Free Shipping 
TEAL SHAPES mug $22, Free Shipping
BLUE GRADIENT mug $18, Free Shipping 
GOLD INITIAL mug $10, $7 Shipping 
POLKA DOT travel mug $18, Free Shipping
SILVER GLITTER travel mug $14, Free Shipping
BUT FIRST, COFFEE travel mug $14, Free Shipping 
LILLY FLORAL travel mug  $15, Free Shipping

If you feel like getting me one of these, I'll take the bright floral one- please & thank you!

xo, lp

Sunday, December 6, 2015


Gift Guide season is upon us!
For those of you who are having trouble finding last minute gifts for specific people, I have a few guides coming your way.

Some seriously fun gifts for your booze-loving friends...which, if you're like pretty much all of your friends. #amiright? My favorite from the below is the "I'm Dreaming of a WINE Christmas" napkin set. For $7? SOLD.
Great Gift Guide for your booze-loving friends! Some really cute ideas!

YAY BOOM CHEERS shot glasses, $11, Free Shipping // Who doesn't love adult shot glasses?

HOT TODDY ingredient mugs, $30, $6 Shipping // The best winter drink!

VINTAGE BEER print, $24, $4 Shipping // Awesome for dudes and ladies alike!

I'M DREAMING OF A WINE CHRISTMAS cocktail napkins, $7, Free Shipping // YES.

WINE AUX cocktail napkins, $7, Free Shipping //  Heehee. Wine-o. Get it?

GIN & TONIC ingredient glasses, $25, $5 Shipping // I KNOW you know a gin-lover

KATE SPADE cocktail shaker,  $50, Free Shipping // Dots never go out of style.

GILDED HEX drink coasters, $28, Free Shipping // If I didn't already hoard coasters I'd buy these.

ONE GLASS OF WINE glass, $16, Free Shipping // Um, this holds a WHOLE bottle of wine. Yeah.

GILDED ANTLER bottle opener, $24, Free Shipping // Again, for dudes and ladies alike.

BATHTUB GLASS HOLDER for wine, $15, Free Shipping // This is a HILARIOUS gift, right?

If YOU are the booze loving friend in the friendship, be sure to share this link on Facebook to give your friends an idea or two :)

xo, lp

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I absolutely LOVE cranberries; they're tart and sweet and perfectly brighten up any recipe.

Here are 8 cranberry recipes I've made and think are perfect for the season- so Pin this image for later when you're looking for a great dessert/drink/snack to make with the cranberries in your fridge!
8 great recipes with cranberries. Making one of these this weekend!

1. CRANBERRY APPLE GALETTE: I make 2 of these every year for Thanksgiving, and then a few more for assorted Christmas parties- and they're always such a crowd pleaser! SO much easier to make than a pie, but just as delicious.

2. CRANBERRY MOSCOW MULE: Moscow mules are one of my favorite cocktails, and the cranberries just make them that much more festive.

3. CRANBERRY LEMON BREAD: One year I made quite a few mini loaves of this and gave them out as gifts and I'm pretty sure people liked the bread more than anything else I bought them. #win.

4. CRANBERRY CHAMPAGNE FIZZ: This post is from SO long ago so the pictures are awful, but the drink is fabulous!

5. CRANBERRY ORANGE SCONES: If you're a cranberries-for-breakfast kind of person, these scones are for you.

6. CRANBERRY ORANGE COSMO: This is just like a classic cosmo with less lime and more orange- a little sweeter, and dangerously boozy.

7. CRANBERRY ORANGE COOKIES: Chewy, tart, and always super easy to make.

8. CRANBERRY BLUE CHEESE WONTONS: These are technically cranberry pecan blue cheese cream cheese wontons...but that title was just too long. These are baked, not go ahead and tell yourself they're healthy!

What's your favorite cranberry recipe?
Let me know, I'd love to try it!

xo, lp

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