Monday, March 31, 2014


Happy Monday, friends!

Ooooh man it was above 50 here yesterday. SPRING I FEEL YA! COME AT ME! 
I mean, it IS supposed to snow this week, but I will take any amazing days when I can get 'em. Michael and I went for a few mile walk and he had to hold me back from prancersising the whole way. Don't worry- I got a few rogue jazz hands in.


Here's what's good lately:
1. The balcony is officially snow-free. Let the onslaught of Instagram #ootd shots commence!
 2. Slowly but surely I'm gettin' the guest/craft room in order. There's a local paper shop that sells paper wrapping paper, including this USA map one. For $5, it makes expensive wrapping paper- but SUPER cheap wall art. (See all those markers? This is why I'm always doodling those #dottyoptimisms!)
 3. Man, I gotta learn how to go to Target and show restraint. I went in to maybe? And came out with whale stickers. You know, the usual. 
4. Tomorrow's recipe is just 5 ingredients, and takes 5 minutes. You're welllllcome!

Alright, that's all I've got for you this week-
What's looking good for you this week?
Anyone else boycotting warm coats in hopes of warmer weather?

xo, lp

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Friday, March 28, 2014


Oooooh this week is a GOOD one, folks. Each and every one of these links is completely worth clicking, I promise! Especially #2. Eep!
1. These fingerprint portraits are unreal. Seriously. The creativity that people have. Unreal.

2. If you haven't seen this baby conducting the choir, you will freak out- cuteness overload!

3. Want a zoomed-out look at some of the world's greatest landmarks? The Mona Lisa is so cool!

4. This J.Crew knock off is just that much more fun- aaaand like 1/8 of the price of the original.

5. YouTube has too many talented signers - like this guy who does this Avicii cover like no one else I've ever seen. 

6. Wow, I'm super video-heavy this week - but again, more happy music by talented kids!

Which of these extra happy links-to-love is your favorite?
That little girl directing the choir. Can't. Handle. It.

xo, lp

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


 First things first- I KNOW the name of this drink isn't super glamorous or appealing, but I promise once you take your first sip, you won't care one bit! 
Here's what you'll need to make it happen (Serves 8-10 people)

- 1 container Lemonade concentrate
- 1 container Orange concentrate
- 2 cups brandy (feel free to use a cheap kind, you won't taste it!)
- 8 cups water
- Optional garnish of oranges, lemons, cherries

How to make it happen:
Step 1: Thaw your lemonade & orange concentrate, and dump in a large bowl with the brandy and 8 cups water.
Step 2: Mix well!
Step 3: Either put bowl directly in freezer- or if you're in a hurry to freeze it faster, parcel the mixture out into 8x13 baking dishes- and put in freezer until a slushy mixture. Because of the booze, it won't freeze rock solid
Step 4: Fill your glass 3/4 way with the slush mixture, and top with Sprite
Step 5: Mix slightly and enjoy with a straw (or spoon!)
Brandy slushes are a great drink because they're sweet and fruit without being sugary at all. They're great for a brunch drink in place of a mimosa/bloody mary- or are just great for a refreshing beverage any other time of the day - especially in summer by the water!

Have you ever enjoyed a Brandy Slush?
If not- you've got to give them a try, they are beyond delicious!

xo, lp

**for more drink recipes, go here!

Monday, March 24, 2014


Happy Monday friends!

You guys, it's March 24th. MARCH 24TH! Where did this month go? Yeesh. 
I'm not gonna lie, I'm in a little bit of a funk today- so this Monday post will be short & sweet. If you need me, I'll probably be instagramming the snow we'll be getting this afternoon. You know, just cuz I'm into self torture like that. Sigh. #wisconsinspring.

Here are 3 things that DO make me really happy!
1. These Snarky Snail Mail cards from mah girl Dani. I am a firm believer in sending REAL mail, and I think these cards are perfect little pick-me-ups to send to give your friends a laugh.

2. Having a reason to get dressed up! Well, sorta. My sister Louisa was in town this weekend for some much needed sista time-painting the town red, obviously. We accidentally met up wearing the same magenta lipstick. It's like we're related or something! Other than the usual shopping and stopping at our favorite restaurant for dinner, we also managed to get thoroughly inebriated at 3 pm (on accident!) because our server misunderstood our order and brought us 2 drinks + a bottle of wine. Happy accident?

3. Tomorrow's recipe post is for a delish Brandy Slush. Michael and I taste-tested yesterday and they were so. dang. good. If you'd like one- we have a ton more in our freezer right now!

 So since I'm Cranky Cathy today- tell me:
What's the best way you get yourself out of a funk?
If all else fails, I guess I've got plenty of Brandy Slush to cheer me up!

xo, lp

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Friday, March 21, 2014


Here's the weekly roundup of fantastic internet finds!
1. I am OBSESSED with this DIY painting. I will hands down be trying it soon. I've done potato stamped canvases before- but the dark background of this is just fab. 

2. Long Distance Loving's round up of the Pantone colors of spring 2014 in clothing was beyond lovely to look at!

3. I'll be talking more about these cards next week- but you GUYS! Snail mail is back, and when it's served snarky? Even better. Love that you can mix & match these witty cards in packs of 2-8!

4. Spring is here- can I get an AMEN!? Time to get some new flats in the mix- and these floral beauties from Gap are a must have! 

5. I talk about how my sister is amazing all the time- she owns her own photography company, online boutique, and now she is making and selling ceramics. WHAT CAN'T SHE DO? Love this abstract-y pinch bowl!

6. I grew up not liking my birthstone because I've never been a purple person- but this DIY from Design Love Fest makes me rethink my view on amethyst!

What have you found that's lovely around the internet this week?
Happy Friday, lovelies!

xo, lp

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Today's post is the easiest- but sometimes the simplest are the best, ya know?

I grew up loving Kiddie Cocktails- some of my favorite memories of my grandpa were hanging out with him at the country club drinking ENDLESS kiddie cocktails. I mean endless. Grandparents are great at spoiling their grandkids, right?
What you need to make it happen:
-  1/2 ounce grenadine
- 1.5 ounces cherry vodka
- Sprite
- Maraschino cherries

How to Make it Happen:
Um, put the grenadine. vodka, and sprite in a cup. Garnish with cherries. Boom. 

If you like it extra sweet, add more grenadine. You can never go wrong with grenadine!

I don't even think maraschino cherries are real food- but I don't care. Damn they're good.

Do you have a go-to easy cocktail?
I know, you can laugh at kiddie cocktails- but if you haven't had one in the last 20 years...give one another try!

xo, lp

Monday, March 17, 2014


Happy Monday!
I have to say, this weekend did NOT feel long enough. Woof. Normally I try to be miss-happy-sunshine on Mondays but man, I could go for another day away from work...ya feel me?

Here's what's up in my neck of the woods lately:

1. Outdoor running: Before we go any further, let me make it clear that I am not a runner. I enjoy getting a good workout, but I just have never been able to keep up with it. I'll go on a running kick for a few months and then either my knee tendinitis, or my general lack of interest stops me from keepin' on. Now that we have this prefaced so you know I'm not trying to be like "Hey guys LOOK HOW SPORTY I AM I RUN ALL THE TIME"- I did go for a run on Saturday. And fully felt it in my legs all of Sunday, may I add. The one thing I forget about Midwest running in the Spring is the ICE. Errywhere. 
And if the ice is gone, there's MUD. Sadly my pretty lil' Asics are no longer pristine from their previous use indoors at the gym. I took this shot and looked up to realize a dude walking his dog was giving me the most judgy look ever. YES SIR IM DOCUMENTING THE ICE AND THE FACT THAT I'M OUTSIDE RUNNING IN 30 DEGREES. MOVE ALONG.

Sunday felt like a good day to organize, and upon trying to organize my endless baubles, I realized it might be time to get another acrylic bracelet stand. When your bracelets are all on top of each other  and/or don't all's time, ladies.

I've made these rainbow cupcakes for a few years now and they are ALWAYS a big hit. They are kind of a pain in the ass to make, but the reaction from people make it so worth it! The addition of gold sprinkles this year was definitely an upgrade:

Speaking of baking stuff, will someone please be a good enabler and confirm I need to buy this set of cookie cutters? It has cutters for every holiday, all numbers, and all letters of the alphabet. I'm 26- can I legit buy this and have it be acceptable?

Geez, I'm killin' the segues today- SPEAKING of something that might not be age appropriate- tomorrow I'm sharing a recipe for an adult version of a classic kid's drink. Yup. Going there.

Alright enablers... 

xo, lp

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Friday, March 14, 2014


Here's the weekly round-up, dudes!
1. I need this print from the First Snow in my life NOW!

2. It's blasphemous I'm saying this- but I love this tote! All-season perfection with awesome handles.

3. This is on the must-make this for the weekend (from Jessiker Bakes).

4. Looking for a good cry? Read this article.

5. These paintings by Luli Sanchez are UNREAL. unreal.

6. Ugh. This wrap up of Anne Ziegler's house on ABM makes me want to duplicate all of it now- so light & bright & airy! Unreal!

Tell me- what great links did you find this week?
Happy Friday, loves!

xo, lp

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Blogger Buzz, v.8

The Blogger Buzz is back. This month, we share which shoes will add a little pep to our step this Spring!
  1. Meghan Anderson of Downtown Daydreams // I am such a sucker for DV by Dolce Vita neutral-colored wedges. These fun shoes can be thrown on with white pants or sundresses and I love that they're so easy to walk and dance in. I run them into the ground every spring/summer!
  2. Samantha Peterson via The Brunette One // I love 'The Lauryn' from Sole Society. I'm excited to bust out all of my favorite flats without worrying about them being ruined my the salt and snow!
  3. Katherine Nolden of The Duchess of Plumewood // These Kate Spade 'Fab' Jelly Sandals are outstanding! A bow, bright punchy color, and in jelly! Sign my feet up!
  4. Laura Podlich of Beauty & the Beard // These Gap Striped Pointy Flats are beyond cute—they get me so excited for Spring!
  5. Lauren Felix of La Petite Fashionista // I'm obsessed with these Lasercut Leather Heels. I can totally imagine them with all my sundresses (or packed in my luggage for a last-minute Mexico vacay)!
  6. Ashley Fine of One Fine Day // These Kate Spade 'Josse' Flats make me want to jump for joy. The color is fabulous and that bow is major! 

So we want to know- what's your shoe of choice for the spring season?


Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Get ready people, you're about to have a new favorite cookie.
Bold claim, I know- but just make these and see if you can disagree!

What you'll need to make it happen:
2 1/4 cups flour  //  1/2 teaspoon salt // 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
2 sticks butter // 1 cup granulated sugar // 1/2 cup brown sugar // 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 large egg // 1 tablespoon orange zest // 5 tablespoons orange juice // 2 cups dried cranberries 

How to make it happen:
Step 1: Preheat oven to 375 degrees
Step 2: In a bowl, mix together flour, salt, baking soda- set aside
Step 3: Cream together butter, sugar, and brown sugar. Mix until well combined
Step 4: Add egg, vanilla extract, orange juice, orange zest, and beat well.
Step 5: Mix in half of the dry mixture- mix well, then mix in the second half.
Step 6: Stir in cranberries until well distributed.
Step 7: Drop heaping tablespoons onto a baking sheet and bake for 12 minutes or until very light brown- don't overbake or they'll get hard!!
Step 8: Enjoy the heck out of them!

Now if you're thinking "wait laura-you've made fruit cookies before"- then I'd love to give you a big hug for having such a good memory and paying such close attention to the blog! Yes, I've shared some Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies and some Orange Meltaway Cookies. These cookies just combine those two magical worlds into one. A little crunchy, a little chewy- a little sweet, a little tart.
What's your favorite cookie?
I'm clearly partial to these right now- but I'm easily swayed!

xo, lp

Monday, March 10, 2014


Happy Monday!

Hope you all fully enjoyed that extra hour of daylight last night- I know I did! 
This weekend was excellent, and SO needed. It was just one of those long weeks at work, you know?
Saturday night I had a much needed girls night that included more wine than I care to divulge. It also involved pizza, popcorn, cards against humanity, and videos that still have me laughing out loud when I watch them.
Everyone needs friends like that. They're good for the soul.

Here's what's been good lately:

1. NATIONAL CEREAL DAYYYY! Last Friday was National Cereal Day, so clearly we had to celebrate it at work. I mean, duh. Someone brought in waffle cereal...HOW have I not known this existed? So good.
2. We have very little art in the upstairs of our loft, but as I shared on Instagram, this one is one of my two favorites:
 3. Sunday was mid thirties- which in Wisconsin winter means GET OUTSIDE weather! So that's exactly what we did- Michael and I put on our snowboots and went for a hike in a nearby state park. We definitely got a great workout in trudging through that snow! Afterwards we went into the nearby town (population 800) to get lunch & an ice cold beer. So. Damn. Satisfying. 
4. Enough about the past- let's look toward the future! Like tomorrow! I'll be sharing a recipe for my faaaaaaaavorite new cookies. Oh my god they're good. And they have fruit in them, so, they're basically healthy...right?
5. Now that it's above 30, I'm thinking spring/summer. That's just the Midwest mentality. 
These TOMS wedges are everything. Denim. Embroidered. Cork. Yes. At this price and for how versatile they are..they're a steal, and I intend to get 'em before they're sold out!

Okay. A little all over the place this week..sorry! I blame daylight savings time? Is that valid?

Anyone else celebrate National Cereal Day last week?
Seriously. Go out there and find waffle cereal. It's the bomb.

xo, lp

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Thursday, March 6, 2014


It was hard to pick just 6 this week- there's too many good things floating out on the interwebs!
1: Um, Abe Lincoln taking a selfie? Come on- a print for history nerds & social media bugs alike.

2: Lupita, Lupita. You are the only actress who looks good in EVERY. Single. Color. Just lose the headbands and you're golden in my book.

3. If you're going to day-drink, might as well look classy as hell doin' it. Love these booze teacups!

4. Need a new spring bag? I'd vote for these ASOS scallop every color.

5. After the 6 inches of snow we got this week, all I do is dream of summery drinks on patios. 

6. This outfit is everything. That is all.

Any good things you've found lately?
Share the links in comments or tweet me: @lpodlich  ! 

xo, lp

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I figured if winter isn't going to go away, then I might as well drink my way through it.

But seriously.

One good thing about this season is there are clementines GALORE to eat, so I figured making a cheery cocktail with this sweet fruit would help shake the winter blues.
Thus, I give you the Clementini!

What you'll need to make it happen:
- 2 ounces vodka 
- 1 ounce triple sec
- 3 ounces fresh squeezed clemetine juice
- granulated sugar
- sliced clementines for garnish
*sparkling wine or sprite optional

How to make it happen:
Step 1: Combine juice, vodka, and triple sec into a martini shake or glass with ice. Shake until chilled.
Step 2: Run a cut clementine around the rim of your martini glass and run through granulated sugar
Step 3: Pour your drink into a glass, garnish with a slice of clementine, and enjoy!
*Optional Step 4: Top off with some Sprite or Sparkling Wine for a fizzy pop!
The sugar rim balances the tart drink- and it has just the perfect amount of bite!

 So there you have it! A little sip to brighten up even the bleakest winter day!

What cocktail is your favorite in the wintertime?
If you're a hot toddy fan- try this recipe!

xo, lp

Looking for more fruity recipes? Try this raspberry bourbon fizz or this kiwi berry sangria!

Monday, March 3, 2014


Hey buds. 

Happy Monday! 
Anybody watch the Oscars last night? (HAH kidding you all probably did). Can we talk about how perfect Lupitas dress was and how not perfect her headband was? Hm. I hope someone was paying her big money to wear that thing.

Here's what's up lately:

I woke up Thursday CONVINCED it was Saturday. Like, woke up my alarm and said "oh shoot! I forgot to turn off my alarm for the weekend!" and proceeded to go back to sleep for another 45 minutes. Oops. I'm convinced this is why designers invented shawl/blanket sweaters. Last minute comfort!

Friday's #dottyoptimism was more of a do-goodism...but I meant it! I've been trying to do something every Friday to pay it forward...just something little that surprises & makes someone's day a little better. It's amazing how a tiny act can make such a big impact! Do something this week to pay it forward, friends!

March 1st was snowy and 8 degrees. HAPPY SPRING, WISCONSIN.
Naturally I made cocktails. Because that's just what you do. We mayyyyy have put things out on the balcony to get them cold rather than the freezer. It's a Midwest winter rite of passage.

Sppppeeeeaking of cocktails, tomorrow's recipe post is a cocktail you won't be able to pass up:

Back to the Oscars. 
Sandy, sandy, you were looking SO much better than you were at the Golden Globes! Anyone else love her earrings? Found these goodies here- which led me down the rabbit hole of t+j designs. DUDES. Go here and click the "necklaces" tab and don't buy anything. I DARE YOU.

Alright, I know it's not an original question, but:
Who was your Oscar best/worst dressed?

xo, lp

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