Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Oh my friends, it's that time of the year.
The air is crisp, the leaves are falling off the trees.

It's Sweater Weather! Scarf Weather! Boot Weather!

Here are my top 5 picks from ShopBop late fall arrivals:

1. Buffalo Check Blanket: Mmmkay, if you take anything away from this post- it's that you NEED this buffalo check blanket by C.Wonder. Buffalo Check is everywhere this season, and this blanket is the perfect iteration of it!

2. Quilted Gloves: These Carolina Amato gloves are beyond sophisticated-and perfect for anything from apple picking to an evening out.

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Chain Bracelet: This is definitely a go-with-everything accessory- but would you expect anything less from Marc?

4. Baggu Leather Clutch: When I think Baggu I always think of those thin reusable market bags from J.Crew...so when I saw this clutch (and for only $54...WHAT.) I did a major double take. Love. Love.

5. Sorel Boots: If the late fall wherever you live is anything like the one we're likely to get here in Wisconsin, you're going to want a pair of great waterproof boots- like these fabulous Sorel ones!

Which item from the Top 5 would you grab?
I mean, mine is that buffalo check blanket..so bonus points to you if that's your favorite...

xo, lp

Monday, October 27, 2014


Oh my friends, isn't Fall amazing?
Here in Wisconsin we often complain that Fall is too short- because the snow flies before we can blink.
But this year- THIS YEAR we've gotten a full enjoyable fall. The weather has been unbelievable. Sunny. Crisp Air, Colorful leaves.

Here's what's good in around here relating to Fall (via Instagram)

I'm not gonna lie, this isn't even all of the flannel shirts I own. Yup.

The LEAVES! Did I mention the leaves?? Can't. Get. Enough.

This year's pumpkin seeds? 4 cheese, Ranch, and Spicy Garlic. My favorite was Spicy Garlic. Soooo good!

My pride and joy this year are these emoji pumpkins. Yup. They're like my kids or somethin'.

Saturday was a perfect day for a football game! So weird being an Alumni sitting in real seats- not the Student Section for Badger Homecoming!

Everybody and their mother is wearing plaid blanket scarves this season- and other than the Zara one, this is by FAR the best! AND it's under $50. Sold. 

Okay- tell me how YOU'VE been celebrating fall!
If you've carved or painted some awesome pumpkins & shared them on Instagram- leave your insta handle so I can check them out!

xo, LP

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Friday, October 17, 2014


 You're probably sick of me telling you that Fall is my favorite season.
I really don't care.
I mean.
Fall is so short in the Midwest, that I think gushing about it for a few goods weeks is fair, right?

Here are my 4 favorite fall treats- 2 sweet, 2 salty:

Healthy, Sweet. No sugar added. You're welcome:

This is a snack. And a breakfast. And a dessert. It's THAT good.

I eat popcorn pretty much daily, and this is hands down my favorite recipe. 

NO not sweet like a PSL- I mean spices like paprika, cayenne, and garlic powder. Mmm-mm.

What are your favorite Fall snacks?
For more tasty treats, go HERE!

xo, lp 

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Monday, October 13, 2014


Hi friends!

Today is all about YOU! Yup. Today is all about treating yo'self- today specifically with some gilded goodies.
Some of these gifts are just around $20- and I KNOW each and every one of you drop more than that on an average trip to Target...so no BS about "not having enough spare cash" mmmkay?

Here's what I've chosen for myself....er. YOU!

Fortune Cookie Box: Sometimes the perfect gift to give yourself is one that can hold all the trinkets & treasures you've treated yourself to in the past. And have you ever seen one that's cuter than this cookie?

Gold Lipstick Mug: If you're more of a practical self-gift-giver like I am - this mug is not only useful, but cheeky and perfectly ladylike.

Devil is in the Details Notebook: Anyone else out there a Type-A list maker? If so, why not at least write to do lists in style?

Chevron Round Box: Okay, so maybe you're not into the Fortune Cookie Box- then go for this one instead. Perfect to hold rings on your dresser or earrings on your bedside table!

Golden Chevron Glasses: While we're on a chevron kick here, let's talk about these glasses. If you have a barcart and are looking to add some shine to it- these are your best bet!

Gold Monogram or Animal Wine Stopper: Got glasses for your barcart? Then these wine/bottle stoppers might be just for you. Plus, if you REALLY love yourself, one's a monogram, so you can just stare at the first letter of your first (or last) name all day erryday.

If you're still refusing to buy yourself something, then buy one of these and send it my way, okay?
I'll take those Chevron Glasses, please and thank you!

xo, lp

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


You know, normally I do these posts on Mondays---but since coming back from vacation I am a little behind...mmmkay?

Here's what's good lately:

1. Since it's finally not crazy humid out, my curls are no longer pure frizz, so that's delightful!

2. There is nothing, I repeat NOTHING better than spending time at Lambeau. Even in the pouring rain.
Watching the Packers beat the Vikings Thursday was just too good to be true!

3. Michael and I took a mini vacation to Door County over the weekend- and despite some on and off rain, it was the perfect fall excursion. Hanging out on Lake Michigan, enjoying the fall colors, apple picking- if you ever head over to Door County and want some tips, be sure to send me an email!

4. Speaking of apple picking- if you like HoneyCrisp apples- you HAVE to go pick your own. $1.70/pound vs $4/pound in stores. Plus, then you can take some artsy as heck orchard pictures ;-)

What's been good with you lately?
Anyone else doing any cliche Fall activities lately?

xo, lp

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Thursday, October 2, 2014


Oh Fall.
I love you something fierce.

Every fall I always gravitate towards buying 3 things: scarves, riding boots, and a great bag.
Here are the top 12 that have caught my eye...

1. CAMBRIDGE SATCHEL: Ooooh these bags. I can't decide whether to love the saddle or the oxblood more... 

2.  LOEFFLER RANDALL: These bags made the must-have list because I am absolutely in love with the envelope shape. And that black + black clasps? Beyond sophisticated.

3. REBECCA MINKOFF: The Amorous Satchel made this list because it has some seriously excellent fall color options. Charcoal + Black Cherry + Petrol? One of each, please.

4. FOLEY + CORINNA: The size & shape of the Frame Satchel is exactly perfect for stashing a scarf if the weather gets cool. I'll take that Whiskey colored one in a heartbeat!

Now I want to hear from YOU!
Which of these excellent bags would you love for Fall?
The Foley + Corinna in Whiskey is definitely at the top of my list.

xo, lp

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