Monday, October 27, 2014


Oh my friends, isn't Fall amazing?
Here in Wisconsin we often complain that Fall is too short- because the snow flies before we can blink.
But this year- THIS YEAR we've gotten a full enjoyable fall. The weather has been unbelievable. Sunny. Crisp Air, Colorful leaves.

Here's what's good in around here relating to Fall (via Instagram)

I'm not gonna lie, this isn't even all of the flannel shirts I own. Yup.

The LEAVES! Did I mention the leaves?? Can't. Get. Enough.

This year's pumpkin seeds? 4 cheese, Ranch, and Spicy Garlic. My favorite was Spicy Garlic. Soooo good!

My pride and joy this year are these emoji pumpkins. Yup. They're like my kids or somethin'.

Saturday was a perfect day for a football game! So weird being an Alumni sitting in real seats- not the Student Section for Badger Homecoming!

Everybody and their mother is wearing plaid blanket scarves this season- and other than the Zara one, this is by FAR the best! AND it's under $50. Sold. 

Okay- tell me how YOU'VE been celebrating fall!
If you've carved or painted some awesome pumpkins & shared them on Instagram- leave your insta handle so I can check them out!

xo, LP

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  1. Those pumpkins = genius. Love love love!

  2. I was at the Badger game too! We carved pumpkins over the weekend and I've been baking with all the pumpkin. Been meaning to go to a corn maze but not sure if we'll get to it before they close. Love your pumpkin seed flavors :)

    1. No way! Hope you enjoyed the game! Such perfect weather!!

  3. I love the emoji pumpkins!! They are so funny!!

    1. thank you! they make great decorations around the house now too ;-)


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