Monday, March 31, 2014


Happy Monday, friends!

Ooooh man it was above 50 here yesterday. SPRING I FEEL YA! COME AT ME! 
I mean, it IS supposed to snow this week, but I will take any amazing days when I can get 'em. Michael and I went for a few mile walk and he had to hold me back from prancersising the whole way. Don't worry- I got a few rogue jazz hands in.


Here's what's good lately:
1. The balcony is officially snow-free. Let the onslaught of Instagram #ootd shots commence!
 2. Slowly but surely I'm gettin' the guest/craft room in order. There's a local paper shop that sells paper wrapping paper, including this USA map one. For $5, it makes expensive wrapping paper- but SUPER cheap wall art. (See all those markers? This is why I'm always doodling those #dottyoptimisms!)
 3. Man, I gotta learn how to go to Target and show restraint. I went in to maybe? And came out with whale stickers. You know, the usual. 
4. Tomorrow's recipe is just 5 ingredients, and takes 5 minutes. You're welllllcome!

Alright, that's all I've got for you this week-
What's looking good for you this week?
Anyone else boycotting warm coats in hopes of warmer weather?

xo, lp

*for more instagram fun, go here--->@lpodlich


  1. Which paper shop?! I'm always in the market for more wall hangings.

  2. I chuckled when reading number 3, i think it is absolutely impossible to show any self control at target! Thanks for sharing, love your picks.
    Dana Kay

  3. Um, I need those stickers. I work at a whaling museum, so I'm thinking I should write it off as a work expense!


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