Monday, March 17, 2014


Happy Monday!
I have to say, this weekend did NOT feel long enough. Woof. Normally I try to be miss-happy-sunshine on Mondays but man, I could go for another day away from work...ya feel me?

Here's what's up in my neck of the woods lately:

1. Outdoor running: Before we go any further, let me make it clear that I am not a runner. I enjoy getting a good workout, but I just have never been able to keep up with it. I'll go on a running kick for a few months and then either my knee tendinitis, or my general lack of interest stops me from keepin' on. Now that we have this prefaced so you know I'm not trying to be like "Hey guys LOOK HOW SPORTY I AM I RUN ALL THE TIME"- I did go for a run on Saturday. And fully felt it in my legs all of Sunday, may I add. The one thing I forget about Midwest running in the Spring is the ICE. Errywhere. 
And if the ice is gone, there's MUD. Sadly my pretty lil' Asics are no longer pristine from their previous use indoors at the gym. I took this shot and looked up to realize a dude walking his dog was giving me the most judgy look ever. YES SIR IM DOCUMENTING THE ICE AND THE FACT THAT I'M OUTSIDE RUNNING IN 30 DEGREES. MOVE ALONG.

Sunday felt like a good day to organize, and upon trying to organize my endless baubles, I realized it might be time to get another acrylic bracelet stand. When your bracelets are all on top of each other  and/or don't all's time, ladies.

I've made these rainbow cupcakes for a few years now and they are ALWAYS a big hit. They are kind of a pain in the ass to make, but the reaction from people make it so worth it! The addition of gold sprinkles this year was definitely an upgrade:

Speaking of baking stuff, will someone please be a good enabler and confirm I need to buy this set of cookie cutters? It has cutters for every holiday, all numbers, and all letters of the alphabet. I'm 26- can I legit buy this and have it be acceptable?

Geez, I'm killin' the segues today- SPEAKING of something that might not be age appropriate- tomorrow I'm sharing a recipe for an adult version of a classic kid's drink. Yup. Going there.

Alright enablers... 

xo, lp

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  1. Fellow WI girl here! Long time reader, first time comment-er ;).. I wouldn't have felt right not posting since no one else has encouraged you to absolutely purchase the cookie cutter set. I make cookies next to never these days and still have just about every cookie cutter shape imaginable.. because I just MIGHT need a certain shape some day, ya know?

  2. Get those cookie cutters! #enabler

  3. NO! don't buy those cutters! they are plastic and cruddy! buy a better, smaller set of metal ones. better yet, tell yo' big sister which shapes you REALLY want, and she'll hook it up.


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