Tuesday, March 25, 2014


 First things first- I KNOW the name of this drink isn't super glamorous or appealing, but I promise once you take your first sip, you won't care one bit! 
Here's what you'll need to make it happen (Serves 8-10 people)

- 1 container Lemonade concentrate
- 1 container Orange concentrate
- 2 cups brandy (feel free to use a cheap kind, you won't taste it!)
- 8 cups water
- Optional garnish of oranges, lemons, cherries

How to make it happen:
Step 1: Thaw your lemonade & orange concentrate, and dump in a large bowl with the brandy and 8 cups water.
Step 2: Mix well!
Step 3: Either put bowl directly in freezer- or if you're in a hurry to freeze it faster, parcel the mixture out into 8x13 baking dishes- and put in freezer until a slushy mixture. Because of the booze, it won't freeze rock solid
Step 4: Fill your glass 3/4 way with the slush mixture, and top with Sprite
Step 5: Mix slightly and enjoy with a straw (or spoon!)
Brandy slushes are a great drink because they're sweet and fruit without being sugary at all. They're great for a brunch drink in place of a mimosa/bloody mary- or are just great for a refreshing beverage any other time of the day - especially in summer by the water!

Have you ever enjoyed a Brandy Slush?
If not- you've got to give them a try, they are beyond delicious!

xo, lp

**for more drink recipes, go here!


  1. I haven't downed much brandy in my life, but this sounds so yummy and refreshing. Now if only I could be sipping it poolside!

  2. My family makes this every winter holiday season - at least a batch or two! We make it by brewing plain Lipton Tea in the water first, letting it cool down then adding the concentrates.

  3. Sooo good! Mimosas are a thing of the past because this is amazing!!


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