Monday, March 24, 2014


Happy Monday friends!

You guys, it's March 24th. MARCH 24TH! Where did this month go? Yeesh. 
I'm not gonna lie, I'm in a little bit of a funk today- so this Monday post will be short & sweet. If you need me, I'll probably be instagramming the snow we'll be getting this afternoon. You know, just cuz I'm into self torture like that. Sigh. #wisconsinspring.

Here are 3 things that DO make me really happy!
1. These Snarky Snail Mail cards from mah girl Dani. I am a firm believer in sending REAL mail, and I think these cards are perfect little pick-me-ups to send to give your friends a laugh.

2. Having a reason to get dressed up! Well, sorta. My sister Louisa was in town this weekend for some much needed sista time-painting the town red, obviously. We accidentally met up wearing the same magenta lipstick. It's like we're related or something! Other than the usual shopping and stopping at our favorite restaurant for dinner, we also managed to get thoroughly inebriated at 3 pm (on accident!) because our server misunderstood our order and brought us 2 drinks + a bottle of wine. Happy accident?

3. Tomorrow's recipe post is for a delish Brandy Slush. Michael and I taste-tested yesterday and they were so. dang. good. If you'd like one- we have a ton more in our freezer right now!

 So since I'm Cranky Cathy today- tell me:
What's the best way you get yourself out of a funk?
If all else fails, I guess I've got plenty of Brandy Slush to cheer me up!

xo, lp

Lemme see your best weekend instagrams! Leave your handle in the comments, or find me here ----> @lpodlich


  1. Those cards are hilarious–I just bought a similar one for a friend who is moving!

  2. mm brandy slush! we make them for the holidays. SO good

  3. I only allow myself to be cranky for a few hours, but then do something to get myself out of it, like being thankful for health and who I have in my life. I love your blog, you're so honest and sweet. Those cards are made by Dani are super cute. Do you DIY anything?

    1. thank you so much for the compliment! i've done a lot of DIYs on the blog, but haven't recently- hopefully more to come soon!

  4. I'm excited for this recipe! I try to get out of funks by enjoying the little things: hugs from someone you love, a phone call with Mom, and getting new lipstick. (For that last one, I'd recommend the new Bite mini duo from Sephora:


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