Monday, June 3, 2013


Have you guys all seen the movie Mean Girls? You know when Regina George is being a real wench to her friend Gretchen (who is trying to turn the word "fetch" into a cool word)? 
She says to Gretchen:
"STOP trying to make "fetch" happen. It's not going to happen"

I feel like that is what Mother Nature is trying to tell Wisconsin about summer, that it's just not going to happen...and Wisconsin only semi-listens. 5 days of 50 degrees and rain....followed by 1 day of 74 and sunny. ::repeat::

Hope you're following me here. Either way, this weekend kicked butt, and we had not one but TWO days where it didn't rain most of the time. I even got to wear short sleeves one day. Amazing.

Here's what's been up lately:

1. It was finally nice enough to wear this soft, amazing GAP tee:

2. Saturday we had a full day/night with our friends that was Mexican themed. Only Mexican beer, pop, food. It was awesome. Especially because Jarritos are pretty to look at:

3. I stole this picture from Dani- but she captured the best shot of our watermelon basil margaritas.Yum.

4. Naturally I had to make guacamole. I mean, come on. It was DELICIOUS. You may just see a recipe for it on the blog soon :)  

5. I had to take this cheesy picture to prove there were blue skies. And because I painted my nails and didn't pick off the polish for like a solid 8 hours (new record).

6. In other news, I bought some awesome colorful paper straws from an Etsy shop a bit back and they arrived this weekend. SUPER cheap, and so cheery! If you're looking for fun straws or washi tape for a party- I highly recommend the shop Loollipop (no, not a typo).  She was super accomodating when I bought these straws and some other goodies. Yes, I compulsively put them in rainbow order...

7. Sunday Michael and I headed downtown to fish with our friend Ben. It was STUNNING on lake Mendota. I even stole Michael's iPhone for a few panoramas!

How was your weekend, friends?
Tell me something good!

xo, lp

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  1. your shirt is adorable! and who doesn't love guacamole? :D
    our weekend was sunny... but so humid that it was like walking through soup. yay ontario.

  2. yay i love mexican themed anything! how fun :)

    and those straws are adorable! i'll be checking that shop out in 3..2..1..

    have a good week!!

  3. Aaaaaannnndddddd now I'm craving guac. Delish!

  4. Oh my goodness, I say some version of "stop trying to make ____ happen" at least once a day! Usually to myself. Ha! :)

  5. i love instagram and I adore your pictures! They are all so bright and colorful!

  6. Gorgeous pictures and I love the comparison to Mean Girls - hilarious. Your outfit is adorbs. love this blog entry. I saw you on the weekend link up, come say hey sometime!

  7. Love the summer post! Looks like you had fabulous weather. I think MN has really ticked off mother nature. I spent the weekend at my cabin and on Saturday it was 42 degrees and drizzling. Boo to that. Although it was great weather for a Bloody Mary Bar Crawl at some of the small town bars ;) Cheers to summer coming sometime... Maybe by August?


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