Monday, June 16, 2014


Another Monday is here, friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend- and celebrated Father's Day to the fullest. Clearly my dad is the best dad ever, but I'm sure yours are pretty great too ;-)

Here's what's good lately:

Another day, another candy to rainbow order:

The SWEETEST coworker brought me some peonies after I mentioned missing my mom's gardens & my love for the flowers. Serious sweetness!

Michael and I jumped on over to Milwaukee for a day trip on Saturday- the weather was disgustingly perfect! We toured Lakefront brewery, hung out in the Third Ward, and enjoyed some great bites at Trocadero. This was my favorite sight of the day, though:

Enough about the past, let's look forward, shall we?
Tomorrow's recipe post is a MAJOR winner. Just you wait. MMMmmmm-mmm.

Tell me about your weekend, friends!
Anyone pull out embarrassing pictures of their dads in jean shorts like I did?

xo, lp


PSSSST: let's be instagram friends. because i bet you have some fabulous pictures! find me here--> @lpodlich

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