Monday, June 30, 2014


 Oh Monday, I'm not in the mood for you today.
I would REALLY like to still be in Minnesota, relaxing next to the lake with my family. But noooo, you just have to show up and ruin that, don't you?


HEY friends! Hope your weekend was as lovely as mine.
M & I took a long weekend to go back to the Twin Cities so we could spend some much needed time with family and friends. We went to a friend's concert downtown, drank more than we should have, and relaxed by the lake with the family. So. Perfect.
Here are some other things that have been good lately:

I'm not big on the Instagram #selfie game, but I fully believe in documenting good hair days. And good necklace days:

Endless doodling, per usual:

Gorgeous flowers from my momma:

A new makeup bag to bring my travel essentials (especially this Skin Savior!):

 People, I can't stop buying things with Anchors on them. It's a problem.

Tomorrow's recipe will NOT disappoint. It's a brie + apple pizza that you'll end up making ALL summer, promise.

So tell me friends- 
What's good with you lately?
Anyone else still wishing it was the weekend?

xo, lp


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  1. Your hair looks amazing in that picture! Good hair days totally give the okay for selfies!

  2. Love the hair and those pretty crystals... And can't wait for that amazing pizza recipe!

    1. Thanks so much! And you must check out the pizza recipe tomorrow- it's SO good!

  3. Where did you get that necklace???

    1. Got the necklace here--> ! :)

  4. How did you do your hair like that?

    1. the tutorial is here: !

  5. I love that neckace! where can we find it? :)

    1. hi paula! you can grab it here -->

  6. Where did you get the tee-shirt?

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