Tuesday, January 27, 2015

SUPER BOWL SNACKS: 9 easy recipes any crowd would love!

I almost didn't do a Super Bowl food post this year because my heart is so bummed about the Packers not being there this year!

BUT, just because my team isn't in it to win doesn't mean there still can't be a great Super Bowl Party, right?!?

Here are 9 super easy recipes to make that are sure to please any crowd. They're all way more fun to bring to a party than packages chips or crackers, I promise!
While they're all vegetarian friendly, carnivores will love them just as much :)

SRIRACHA CREAM CHEESE WONTONS (+spicy soy dipping sauce): Who doesn't like cream cheese wontons? These are great because you can make them less spicy for the wimps in your friend group (kidding!) or EXTRA spicy for those who like a little kick!

HOT OR COLD BRUSCHETTA: I know, bruschetta is totally NOT a typical football food- but I promise if you make these they'll disappear. Enough bread to soak up the beer you're drinking, but there's nothing fried or overly greasy to give ya a stomach ache!

FRESH GUACAMOLE: I mean, do I need to justify guac? No? Good.

BAKED EDAMAME 3 WAYS: These little buggers are freaking addicting. This recipe has 3 different flavors so everyone will find something they like.

BLEU CHEESE & CRANBERRY WONTONS: Bring these and people will talk about them more than the game. But fuh real. Creamy, crunchy, tart perfection!

CHEESE STUFFED JALAPENOS: Love spicy stuff? Look no further.

GARLIC PARMESAN POPCORN: Nothing is more addicting than popcorn, amiright? 

CROCKPOT SPINACH DIP: The great part about this recipe is you just get to throw it all in the Crockpot and let it go. #win

WHITE CHEDDAR CAYENNE POPCORN: I stand by my popcorn statement above...

What snack are you going to have at your Super Bowl party?
Be sure to share pictures of the great food on Instagram!!

xo, lp

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