Monday, February 2, 2015


Man, what a difference a day makes!

Yesterday our balcony didn't have a trace of snow- and it's currently covered in so much we can't open the sliding door to get outside. I get it Mother Nature, you're ready for Wisconsin to REALLY have winter now!

Hope you all stayed warm yesterday- here's what's been good lately:

Sending out some snail mail, per usual- I love surprising friends with random notes!
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I recently cleaned off all of our living rooms shelves and dusted (something I rarely do- yup, sorry, we have a dusty household, y'all) and of course, rainbow ordered some of the coffee table books.

Like I mentioned, before the snow, our balcony was TOTALLY bare...I can't even get out there to take an "after" picture!!
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It was a friend's birthday the other day so I grabbed some flowers to bring to her at work- they were so lovely I almost had to steal them for myself!!!

I haven't painted FOREVER but a friend inspired me the other day, so I had to bust out the watercolors to make some homemade Valentines!

Despite what my Instagram looked like yesterday, it actually wasn't a lazy day at all! The morning started out slow enough- watching the snow, hanging out in comfy PJs, and eating some Heath Bars (because, why not?). But the rest of the day was go-go-go! I made soup, fried rice, cookies, drinks- took a ton of pictures, edited, read, cleaned- such a perfect Sunday to be snowed in!

You guys, later on this week I have not 1 recipe for you, but FOUR. Er..sort'll just have to see...

That's what's good with me lately, what's new on your end, friends?
Hope you all made it through the snow safely!

xo, lp

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