Thursday, February 5, 2015

FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE 4 WAYS! (Non-Alcoholic OR Alcoholic!)

Oh my friends. Finally a recipe to please everyone.
Today is all about Frozen Hot Chocolate! So who should you make it for?

Make it for your kids! It's a fun winter treat that they can dress up with sprinkles and marshmallows.

Make it for your significant other! It's super easy to make, but it'll show 'em you care.

Make it for your girlfriends! Why not host a party with a Frozen Hot Chocolate Bar? Just add booze if you're over 21, and you've got a dangerously delicious party in the making.

Make it for yourself! Because you deserve it :)

Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipes

What you need to make it happen(NON Alcoholic):
- Ice
- Instant Hot Cocoa Mix
- Chocolate Syrup
- Whipped Cream
- Straws
- Sprinkles, Marshmallows, Chocolate Chips, Candy Canes
- Grenadine & Cherries
Boozy Additions to make them a little more fun:
Cherry Vodka // Creme de Cacao // Peppermint Schnapps 

Frozen Hot Chocolate Bar
How to make it happen:
Step 1: Start with your base- Blend 1 packet of cocoa mix, 2 cups ice, 1/2 cup milk, squeeze of chocolate sauce  *mixture should be icy- not watery- start with less milk and add more as needed.
Step 2: Start adding in different flavors or alcohol as desired (recipes below)
Step 3: Top with whipped cream and garnishes
Step 4: Enjoy!

To make the 4 you see above:
Classic: BASE - top Whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate jimmies
Frozen Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Peppermint: BASE + crushed candy cane- top with whipped cream and more crushed candy cane. (optional 1 ounce peppermint schnapps)
Frozen Hot Chocolate with Mint

Chocolate Lovers: BASE + mug drizzled with chocolate sauce- top with whipped cream, chocolate chips, chocolate jimmies (optional 1 ounce creme de cacao)
Frozen Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Covered Cherry: BASE + 1 1/2 tsp grenadine - top with whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate jimmies & a cherry (optional 1/2 ounce cherry vodka + 1/2 ounce creme de cacao)
Frozen Hot Chocolate with Cherry

Other great options:
Mocha: Just add Kahlua, Espresso Vodka, and Chocolate Shavings
Salted Caramel Chocolate: Drizzle Salted Caramel sauce in the mug first, top with more sauce & Chocolate Shavings
Chocolate Covered Strawberry: Strawberry Vodka + Creme de Cacao- top with chopped strawberries!

Alright- raise your hand if you're going to do a Frozen Hot Chocolate Bar for Galentine's Day now...
(if you don't know what Galentine's Day is...we can't be friends. kidding! (sort of))

xo, lp

PSST: If you end up making this recipe I'd love to see it! Post a picture on Instagram or Twitter and tag me @lpodlich so I can see what awesome version you made!

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