Monday, February 23, 2015


Happy Monday everyone!
Hope all of you are staying warm- looks like most of the country has been cold or snowy lately... yuck. If you're in a place that's currently warm and sunny- send some our way, okay?


Here's what's good lately:

Oooooh birthday flowers. Honestly, getting flowers at work is my FAVORITE.
Michael and his parents BOTH sent me bouquets this year- and they brightened up my desk all week.
Can't someone just send me fresh flowers all year 'round??

beautiful tulip

Speaking of brightening up my desk- my coworkers threw me a rainbow themed birthday party! They got wind of my #everythinginrainboworder posts...and outdid themselves with decorations and food. The star of the show? 
This INSANE rainbow fruit pizza. Unreal, right?
rainbow fruit pizza


All I have to say is MARTHA STEWART GLITTER. 
rainbow martha stewart glitter

Later this week I have one ballin' recipe for you. Be prepared to make 'em and eat them alllll.
spicy baked sweet potato fries

What's new & good with you lately, friends?
If you'd like to sign up to send me flowers- just email me and we can work it out ;-)

xo, lp

PSST: Let's be Instagram friiiiends, shall we?
You can find me here ---> @lpodlich


  1. your coworkers seem awesome to not only do their research but get creative about it as well! that fruit pizza looks fantastic!


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