Thursday, January 22, 2015


Valentines day is coming UP y'all!
I know, I know. A lot of people hate this holiday, or think it's useless- I totally get it.
But see... my birthday is 2 days after V-day, so I've always loved it since I was a kid- because it was almost like a pre-birthday celebration!

If you're on the "loving Valentine's Day team", here are some FABULOUS accessories (all with free shipping)  to help you celebrate the day:

KATE SPADE PHONE CASES: I mean, I would use these things year'round- not just during February...

L O V E LIGHT UP SIGN: The perfect home accessory for the twenty to thirty something to have!

PALE PINK COIN & CARD PURSE: I mean, again this would be great year'round- but would be EXTRA perfect out on a Valentine's Date!

HEARTBREAKER COIN PURSE: This one is a little more theme-y than the last- but I love that it's blue so not to be overly girly...

HEART STUD EARRINGS: Um, one of each color, please?

HEART WATCH: What really gets me is that the minute hand is an arrow- COME ON!

If you had to grab one of these sweet V-day treats, which one would you take?
That Rebecca Minkoff coin & card purse is calling my name!

xo, lp


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