Monday, January 19, 2015


Oh Monday.
At least you're not Sunday.

Any other Packers fans out there totally mourning yesterday's loss? Sigh.
Can we just skip the Super Bowl and have it be mid- February? Please?

SPEAKING of Mid-February, the countdown is on until our birthdays over here. Per usual, Michael could care less about his birthday, and I'm geeking out about mine! 

Here's what's good lately:

I was cleaning out my closet this weekend and did a major clothes/jewelry purge- and realized I own a LOT of sparkly bracelets/necklaces- here's my 3 current favorites:

(You can get the round amazing one HERE and the leaf looking one HERE)

While I don't mind buying bracelets that are super cheap like the ones above- my favorite purchase in the last few months is this Michael Kors watch. I wear it daily...and get compliments daily too! 
Also- no surprise I'm wearing buffalo check again in this picture, right?
(you can get the watch HERE -- with free supa supa fast shipping!)

If you follow me on Instagram you saw me profess my love for Amy Poehler/Tina Fey/Mindy Kaling/Ellen DeGeneres. I have all of their books and it's seriously like you can hear them speak while you read it! I got "Yes Please" for Christmas and it is SO. GOOD.
(If you don't live near a Target, or are too lazy to get to a store- you can order it HERE!)

Tomorrow's recipe post includes a TON of these.......

Get excited, people.

How was your weekend? 
Seattle fans, please remain silent this week, mmmkay?

xo, lp

****Also: if you don't already use Ebates- what the eff are you waiting for? I know their commercials look spammy, but it's seriously the bomb. If you're like me and do most of your shopping online, you've gotta sign up HERE (yes it's free!).

**** Also Also: Let's be Instagram friends, because, why not? Find me here--> @lpodlich


  1. I feel like Amy Poehler is best read under a cute blanket with some hot chocolate :)

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