Monday, August 11, 2014



Hope you all had a lovely weekend! The weather was beyond amazing this weekend in Wisconsin...which I enjoyed...but then realized IT'S MID-AUGUST ALREADY.

Wheeeeeeeeeeere did summer go?! 

Here's what's been good lately:

1. Rainbow of flairs...because... #everythinginrainboworder

2. PSA: RUN TO TARGET! Get these emoji stickers! They're only $5! If you don't live near a Target, Urban also has a set for a lil bit more money- but still great!

3. Didja catch it this weekend? I took over the @uncommongoods Instagram account!!! :

4. Two of my favorite posts were this one, featuring the water flavor infuser bottle:

5. And this Wisconsin themed one with a WI tea towel and slate cheese board! 

 6. Tomorrow's recipe is full of makes it healthy, right???

What'd you do this weekend, friends?
Anybody happen to spot me on the UncommonGoods insta feed??

xo, lp

psst: even if you missed this weekend, you can find my own snaps here: @lpodlich !


  1. So somehow your blog fell off of my reader feed. But I've been following you since you were in Virginia {right?} on IG. I have to say - you have the prettiest instagram posts! Glad to visit your blog and get it back on my reader feed! Happy Monday dear!

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