Friday, December 12, 2014

an HONEST gift guide for each friend- no, really!

Okay people, here's the deal.
If you're looking at this gift guide, you're either a total slacker, or have just legit been having trouble crossing the last few people off your list.

I know what you need.
You need gifts from somewhere that will ship QUICKLY...and for FREE.
Why do I know this? 

Because I'm in the same spot. 
In fact, I came across all of these gifts because I need all gifts here by the 18th - and after last year of getting gifts AFTER Christmas that had been promised by stupid retail companies to come on time, I'm not taking any chances.

Here are some gifts for the people you might have left on your list- guaranteed free (and super fast) shipping:

For the "I have no idea what to get you" Friend: Let's be real, most of the friends we meet later in life aren't like our High School or College Friends. We just haven't seen them grow up, or have enough inside jokes with them from being drunkenly stumbling back to the dorms with. For these friends, it can be hard to get gifts for! 
What I suggest: These House of Harlow or Kate Spade studs. Totally within budget, but look lovely all boxed up.

For the Recently Engaged Friend: The great thing about these friends is that no matter what you give them- as long as it's related to their magical engagement day or upcoming wedding- will be adored. So, get them something that shows you fully get they're about to get hitched!

For the Constantly Travelling Friend: Maybe they have a job that they travel a lot for- or maybe they have a long distance boyfriend. Either way, a travel themed gift will show you get their lifestyle, and thought of something cute & practical just for them.
What I suggest: These heels travelling bags are made for individually travelling with shoes so they don't get scuffed- or get dirt on your other clothes!

For the Type-A list-making Friend: Everyone has a bunch of Type-A friends in their life- especially at their place of work..but it can be hard to shop for these people since they don't seem to have a whole lot of obvious interests!

For the Friend who lives too far away: You've been friends for a long time, and you need to ship their gift...but OY shipping things is friggen' expensive! 
What I suggest: These adorable notecards. They're small and flat so they cost next to nothing to ship, and you can write a cute note about how you should be Pen Pals because you miss them so much!

For the Friend who Instagrams everything: This technically should be for the friend who is obsessed with their iPhone- but the two usually go hand in hand...
What I suggest: A few cute but affordable iPhone cases. (Jordan Carlyle / Marc Jacobs / Rifle Paper Co ) She'll love to change them out depending on her mood- and they're Instagram worthy to boot. #loveit #bestfriend

For the Friend who likes booze or ironic hipster things: Oh yes. These friends. The friends that still think mustaches are a funny thing on mugs and shirts and temporary tattoos. These are the friends who like quirky things, and with those quirky things, they like craft beer and Trader Joes wine.
What I suggest: This Jonathan Adler Moustache bottle stopper: Good for the hipster wanna bes, good for the booze lovers.

For the Friend who loves Fido: Ah yes, dog owners. They already think their pet is sent from the heavens, so why not pretend you think the same by giving them something dog-themed? 
What I suggest: This gold dog catch-all for anything from jewelry to things you'd need at your desk.

There you have it, people! 
The quick, down and dirty gift giving guide. So get out there and grab a thing or two for those last few people on your list!

What kind of person do you need last-minute gifts for?
If you have any other ideas for people like the ones mentioned above, I'd love to hear them!

Xo, LP


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