Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I love Valentine's Day. Honestly it's probably because it's so close to my birthday. I know all the other kids out there who grew up with their birthday near a holiday can understand...you don't really have a choice but to embrace it.

Here are 12 awesome cards for Valentine's Day that offer up a bit of wit or humor!

All images are via the shops below- click the name of the card to purchase!

You keep my feet warm // by: sadshop
Brie mine // by: beckagriffin
You're one in a melon // by: nicerpaper
To my significant otter // by: nicerpaper
Their They're There // by: bettieconfetti 
You've Caged my heart // by: turtlessoup
I think you're super hot // by: smoochiepaper
Couples that fart together stay together // by: hellafreshdesigns
I've fallen for you & I can't get up //  by: diamonddonatello 
Let's makeout // by: aviatepress

Which of these cards would your Valentine love?
I think "brie mine" miiight be my favorite.

xo, lp

*for more valentine's goodness, go HERE*

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