Monday, May 30, 2016


Today's post for the B&B Wedding Series is a list of 6 things that will surprise you when you get engaged!

I mean...maybe these things happened to you and you weren't surprised- but I sure was :)
If you missed the first post in the series (our engagement story) you can find it HERE!

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1. You'll feel about 50 different emotions in the course of the first 48 hours. 
I feel like anytime I've read about engagement stories all people talk about is how elated they are...which I mean, totally makes sense! Of course you're going to highlight the happy emotions- but chances are you'll feel some other more confusing ones too- and DUDE that's normal. Once I shared those feelings with some friends who are already engaged/married they all came back with a resounding "ME. TOO!"
Just a few examples:
Excitement to start a new chapter in your lives.
Sadness that the most recent chapter of your lives is over.
Joy to share the news with your loved ones.
Nervousness of how people will react.
Giddiness to find a dress/venue/etc
Stress of the thought of  wedding planning

2. You'll somehow be totally exhausted but not able to sleep all at the same time.
All those emotions that I mentioned above, mixed with celebrating, calling your families, and jumping up and down (no? anyone else? just me?) will WEAR. YOU. OUT. (In a good way, just to be clear! I wouldn't trade that worn-outness for anything!)'ll go to fall asleep that first night and you won't sleep because you are so freaking jacked. The excitement and adrenaline kept me up all night...aaaand the night after that :)

3. Some people will react better than you thought they would.
There are some people you KNOW will react exactly how you want. They're the Leslie Knopes in your life and you know they will make your heart swell. Then there are the people that will kind of come out of left field and pleasantly surprise you! I had a few people that when I told them the news we got engaged I expected a smile and a casual "congrats!"...but they shocked me with a ton of excitement and questions and joy. Thank those people profusely because you'll remember their reactions the most.

4. Some people will react more poorly than you thought they would.
I wrote a post recently about people who try to steal your joy and man did it come at a good time. It's important to remember that everyone takes news differently, and everyone has things going on that you don't know about. Maybe on another day in their life they'd be really happy for you, but on the day you tell them, they don't have the emotional capacity. And it stings, I won't lie. It hurts to share news you're really happy about and have them react in the same was if you told them it was cloudy outside. In those times it's important to remember the people who have been insanely supportive and most importantly, remember all that matters is your & your partner's joy. 

5. People might ask you what your dress will look like
Ok. I expected "when's the big day!?" or "how did he propose?!" because I've totally asked those questions to other people...but this one caught me off guard. I took zero offense to the question, I just realized I had absolutely no idea what my dress might look like! To one person I literally answered "uh...short? or maybe long?" which for suuuure made me sound like a total tool. Fail.

6. Someone WILL ask you carat weight or cost of your ring. 
Ohhh the tackiness. If you're going to be tacky, just come out and be honest and say "Hey! I'm nosy and I want to judge the amount your fiancee/you spent on your ring!" I still won't give you the answer, but at least I'll respect your honesty. *eyeroll*

If you're engaged/married, what are things that happened or were said to you that surprised you?
Come on, I want the good, the bad, and the ugly!

xo, lp

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  1. someone asked you how expensive your ring was?! OH GIRL, NO. who thinks that's okay?!

    1. right? she was like "so...that center stone..carat?little below? and the side stones..?" and grabbed my finger and was like measuring it up. SO WEIRD.

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  4. The day of engagement everyone kept asking when the wedding was going to be and all I could think was... "When do you think I've had a chance to check out venues?"

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