Monday, July 4, 2016


For someone who loves tradition A LOT, I'm having a pretty non-traditional wedding. 
No walking down an aisle, no bridesmaids, no bouquet toss. Just about the only traditional things that will happen will be that we will say vows to each other, and that I plan on wearing a long white dress. The first one is the only really important thing, right?!

Anyway- weirdly I love the newer tradition of the bride wearing a white-ish shorter dress to pre-wedding events, like bridal showers/bachelorette parties/etc. I don't know who started it (cough social media cough)- but because there is NEVER another occasion to really wear a short white dress, this seems like the perfect excuse to buy one.

Because I am the most indecisive human ever, I'm employing you to help me pick the type of dress to wear. This will end up being used for a small family/friend party, a dinner before our return-home from getting married reception, and any other events that may pop up! Throw in your input below (bonus points if you have an "other" option you love!)
bridal shower dresses- which is your favorite?

Okay team, tell me what to wear- vote in the poll below! 

xo, lp

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  1. I currently have an array of white dresses from pre-wedding festivities! A girl can never limit herself to just one, so I say go for the classic v-neck sheath style and then an off the shoulder!! The off the shoulder will be perfect on your honeymoon or next beach trip and the v-neck can be paired with a sweater or great blazer for your office or church! :)

  2. Maybe there is a weekend Lou could come to Madison and we could have a sisters shopping trip to find you the perfect dress?

  3. Short bridal dresses are just too weird for me. I like big puffy ones.
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