Saturday, October 8, 2016


I'll come right out and say it; this post is ridiculous for this reason:

 Everyone has their own version of success. 

Maybe your version of success is pleasing just your parents at your reception! Maybe it's every single person Instagramming your wedding cake!
Clearly this post is based on what I think would be a success, so take it with a grain of salt. 

My version of success is everyone having a freaking awesome time. 
Michael, me, our family, our friends.
Everyone leaving feeling sliiiightly bummed to leave because they were having such a good time.
I want it to be like this:

Here we go, the 3 things that will make your wedding reception a success:

Maybe it's a funny toast. Maybe it's pictures of your and your partner being nerdy little kids. For, us, it's going to be koozies. We weren't going to do wedding favors...but then Michael thought it would be hilarious if we did tacky wedding koozies since our party is at a brewery. 
They are tacky. They are cheap. They will make people giggle. 
Oh, and I mean hopefully we'll give a funny toast. I'm going to rely on Michael for that, everyone thinks he's funnier than I am anyway (it's true).

 If you're the guest at a wedding, you're looking for something to do when you need a break from the dance floor when crappy songs come on (I'm lookin' at you, couples that play Norah Jones at your wedding). 
So have some yard games! Or a build your own cocktail bar! I don't know, you can probably google like 100 better ideas, but seriously. 
We're having a photobooth at our party because we freaking love photobooths. People can take as many pictures as they want and get a little souvenir to put on their fridge :) We booked Greg Meir Photography  knowing we'd get great pictures at a great price with a great booth attendant. If you're in the Madison/Sun Prairie area - look him up!
(Photo via Meir Photography) 

3. FOOD.
I don't care if your reception is at 10 am or 10 pm, have food at reasonable times.
You know how you get hungry around the same times each day? SO DO YOUR GUESTS. It's like sometimes when people plan their wedding they forget what it's like to have been guests at other peoples' weddings! 
Have snacks out if you think your meal will start late. Have late night food if your ceremony is booze-filled and going into all hours of the night.
Our party is late-night so we're not having an official dinner, but we'll have plenty of snacks, along with late night pizza delivered towards the end of the night.

So there.
That's it you guys.
You don't need to have the most Pinterest-y decorations or the most expensive booze.

What did you have at your wedding reception that you really loved?

xo, lp

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