Thursday, January 5, 2012

Complain less, okay?

I never really do New Year's resolutions. I'm trying to think of the last resolution I might have made and I honestly can't think of a single one...either because I haven't made many or I've had too much champagne on the nights I've made them I suppose.

This year I decided to make some. On... January.... 4th. Eh, oh well, so they won't be for all of 2012. Maybe my first resolution should be to get on making resolutions sooner? I'll keep it in mind for 2013.

Here are my top 3:

1. Complain less. Yep. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, that should be my number one resolution. I happen to be a little (too) sarcastic, which I'm guessing you've picked up from most of my posts. Unfortunately, that sarcasm starts out as humorous and light, and ends up turning into downright complaining. No one likes a negative Nancy, right?

2. Comment on blogs more. If you don't have a blog and you're reading this you probably think "man, what a lame resolution!" Let me plead my case here. Each and every time someone leaves a comment on this blog, whether it be a family member or a complete stranger, it means the world to me. Getting feedback about the recipes/DIY creations/pictures/etc I post means someone took the time out of their day to be nice to me, and thus I've made it a resolution to comment on other blogs equally as much. There's so much talent and creativity out there, and people should be recognized for it.

3. Explore the South. When Michael and I first got here we were taking road trips and walking around the city all the time. We learned so much and took so many great pictures of all different kinds of historical, beautiful, exciting places we'd never seen before. Since we've both started working that's dropped off a bit, and rather than taking the little time off we do have to explore - we sit on our butts. Lucky for us one of our Christmas gifts from the McGrath family included a book that has all the best kept secrets of Virginia!

Not that there aren't more things I can improve upon, but those are the 3 I'm actually going to focus on.

What are your resolutions?
Know any great blogs I should be following and commenting on? Let me know!


  1. I hope the book leads you to many fun adventures. See there...I commented. Have a great day little sis!

  2. 4. More Michael History Posts! Oh and Hi Laura :)

  3. Nice resolutions. I resolve to be good to my body. Time keeps moving and I ain't gettin any younger.

  4. We'll get more Michael history posts once we accomplish resolution number 3!!


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