Monday, January 30, 2012

Ombre Valentine's Cookies

 Okay folks, this is a cheating cookie post, because for once I actually didn't make the things I'm featuring by hand. Sorry! I had an extra roll of sugar cookie dough from the holidays (yes, they can last for months either refrigerated or frozen) so I started "baking":
I just cut the majority of them into circles and then made one large, awkward heart. Spoiler alert: You won't see that heart again. Let's just say quickly mashing the dough together didn't work so well. Fail.
The frosting was just confectioners sugar mixed with a little milk- stirred until the consistency of lotion.
Since I don't have pastry bags on hand, a ziplock bag had to work!
While the cookies baked and the frosting set I mixed up the sugar for the ombre effect. Each time I mixed about 1/4 cup of sugar with 1, 2, 3, etc drops of red food coloring.

Pretty, right?
Once the cookies had baked and cooled I cut a small hole in the bag of frosting..
...made a circle around the outside of the cookie so the rest of the icing wouldn't slide off...
..and then filled in the rest with the icing.
A little bit of each color left the cookies with this perfect ombre effect:

Most of my Valentine's crafts and such end up being a little tacky (just wait for the candles later in the week), but I think these are perfect and sweet!

What do y'all think? Acceptable for a Valentine's dessert??

(Oh, and as usual, linking up today to Brassy Apple for Make it Mondays!)

*** I am ridiculously excited to say that the first Valentine's Day guest post will be TOMORROW with Tiffany from Living Savvy- make sure to come back to see what craft she's come up with!! ***


  1. SO cute and yummy, too!! Thanks for sharing. These turned out great. :)

  2. Of course I approve! Prettiest sugar cookies I have ever seen.

  3. Wow, that is so clever! I love all of your V-day crafts!

  4. Most of my Valentine designs and such end up being a little awkward (just hold out for the candle lights later in the week), but I think these are ideal and sweet!

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