Monday, November 9, 2015


I love lists. I love numbered lists. I'm so Type A it hurts sometimes.
Thus, I give you the new listy-list version of Life Lately posts:

1. The Packers lost for the second week in a row. If you need Michael or me, we're crying into our PBRs.
2. I helped my sister with my niece's 6th birthday party this weekend, which meant 13 six year old running around yelling and popping balloons. #nothavingkidsforawhile 
3.  Michael passed a big exam for work recently and we celebrated by drinking good beer and watching 2 Harry Potter movies. Yes we're old. No, IDGAF if you think that's lame.

1. This must follow Instagram account (Rich Dogs of Instagram)
2.  Always my favorite:  Jimmy Kimmel having parents tell their kids they ate all the Halloween candy
3. The latest Matt Bellassai Video: The Worst Types of People on Airplanes

These were my favorite 4 posts in the blog-world in the last couple weeks:
1. The BEST Friendsgiving background from A Beautiful Mess (Image by Collin DuPree)
2. Way cool homemade Cosmic Brownie Poptarts by Studio DIY (Image by Jeff Mindell)
3. A gorgeous November computer background by Oana Befort
4. The rainbow Christmas tree of my dreams by Lines Across
beauty & the beard: great posts!

You know what, I'm all for those fake-National holidays. Yup. National Candy Day? SOLD.
rainbow gummy bears

The sale you MUST shop right now is on Back Country-  30% off select Marmot & Patagonia outerwear for Men's & Women's (which is about the best deal you can get for non-clearance colors). Included in the sale is my faaavorite Women's Down Sweater Jacket (which I own in orange) along with about 10 other things I want. If anyone feels like buying me some Patagonia outerwear, just let me know. (shop the sale here)
5 day sale at back country- 30% off patagonia

What's good with you, folks?
Seriously, feel free to buy me a new jacket.

xo, lp

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Because I like you.
And because you made it this far in the post, I assume you like me too.
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