Thursday, February 14, 2013


I'll make this post short and sweet.

Some of you hate today, some of you love today.

You can find my thoughts on it here.
You can see M's tradition for V-day here.

The few things of note today:

- My dad & mom send me a Valentine's Day card every year. This year's was glitter Hello Kitty. Epic.
- Michael got his coworkers Bieber valentines that come with heart tattoos and dumb phrases like "Valentine, never say never"
- I made pink rice krispie treats with sprinkles for my coworkers. Bet you wished you worked with me!
- I'm wearing a grey sweater with a HUGE pink heart on it. #stylin

If you love today, I hope you have a wonderful ooey-gooey day full of pink candies, red flowers, and love.

If you hate today, at least enjoy the fact that all retailers are on crazy sales to get your business. My favorite is Gorjana's special V-Day selections are 30% off with free shipping. Enjoy!

Do you love today or hate it?
I bet you'd love it more if you had a glitter Hello Kitty card... just sayin'!

xo, lp


  1. I love today! I'm engaged so I have a really awesome Valentine to be thankful for, but even when I was single I still loved Valentine's Day. It's an extra chance to appreciate EVERYONE you love in your life!

  2. I'm dying laughing over the Bieber Valentines.

  3. I'm glad someone else dresses for Valentine's Day too! I'm wearing red pants and a pink shirt today haha. Happy Valentine's Day!

    The Glossy Life

  4. I love today!! This is my first year with a real Valentine and couldn't be loving the holiday any more!

    PS- A grown man giving Bieber Valentines is so funny, I love it!!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day! Olive the idea of love, but I'm mostly impartial to the holiday! It's always sweet to have dinner and some romance, but we don't need to go over the top, do we? But hey, everyone has their own preference!

  6. Happy Valentine's Day Laura! I'm a fan of Valentine's Day, but my boyfriend and I don't go crazy by any means. We had a nice dinner and are watching a How I Met Your Mother marathon - our version of a good night :)


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