Monday, May 20, 2013



It was in the 80s this weekend- and with the exception of a few rain showers- it was completely perfect. 
Let's rewind a little. So I've started to get back into running...not that I was ever really talented at it. Evidently I'm 25 going on 80 because my knees are a load of crap if I run more than a mile or two. Michael finally convinced me to get some new shoes with more support & comfort- and Asics were the only option! My friend Dani recently got these- and after failing searching high and low for a cooler pair, I copied the gal and got them too. Kind of awesome, right??
It took me about 4 wearings to break them in, but now that they're good to go I am SO happy with the decision to invest in a quality pair of shoes. They not only help my feet, but me knees too! I highly, HIGHLY recommend them. And no, Asics isn't paying for this post ;)  

I'm not the only one with cool neon shoes in this household- Michael's running and basketball shoes are SUPER bright too!

Speaking of bright, now that summer is here I've finally ditched the dark clothes and reached for the sunny hues. Oh, and I wear my J.Crew factory crystal necklace all. the. time. Not quite sure why I put off getting it for so long! Also- am I the only one who owns gingham shirts in about every color?

In case you've been hibernating the last week and missed this giveaway- WAKE UP! It ends in just a few days, so click here to enter to WIN!

The nice weather means it's yard game season! Thank goodness Dani & her husband have a sweet backyard that lends itself to games like Beersbie!

We got to spend time with friends from college this weekend, including brunch at a little townie restaurant right on a lake. Any weekend that includes dock time is good in my book.

I am JACKED about tomorrow's recipe post. Salted. Caramel. Sauce. Uses: limitless. Taste: Unreal! Be sure you come back tomorrow to check it out!

How did you spend the weekend my friends?
Let me know, then go enter the giveaway!

xo, lp

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  1. Asics are pretty much the only running shoes I'll buy–I get some free sneaks from work at times, but nothing works as good as Asics!

  2. fun weekend - those shoes are too cute. amazing how much better you can feel with a new pair of shoes. just found your blog from sami's linkup and new follower! :)
    -- artwork giveaway

  3. I love those shoes! Looks like such a fun weekend!

  4. You had me at CARAMEL SAUCE!!! Can't wait for tomorrow's post:)

  5. I love this entire post! Neon shoes, dock time, giveaways and salted caramel sauce?! I die!

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  7. Love J.Crew factory and neon shoes! hehe looks like a great weekend :)

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