Monday, April 21, 2014


Happy Monday, friends!
Hope you are enjoying the nice weather!

Other than spending some time outside, M&I took the weekend to do some MAJOR spring cleaning, and are getting so much stuff out of the apartment for a garage sale / goodwill. Feels. So. Good.

Here's what's been lovely lately:

1. Some weeks Michael gets inspired to make me lunch every day. Last week was one of those weeks- and I found notes with my lunch every day. I should have Instagrammed the one in which he rapped. #keeper #backoffhesmine

2. Normally on the weekends I get up early and run errands/clean/workout/etc...but Sunday was LAZY. I wore my pajamas until like 2pm or so. AND watched the Season 2 finale of House of Cards. AND drank hot cocoa with peppermint marshmallows (that are leftover from Christmas- judge away).
So yeah, Sunday was a pretty fab day.

3. It got above 60 here this weekend, which I felt validated orange lipstick. Despite the initial reaction of looking like I'd just eating an entire bag of cheetos - it definitely grew on me:

4. I love doing giveaways on the blog!!! You have until Friday to enter to win a bunch of amazing cards from Ready Maker Design (a few of which shown here!) Entering takes a minute- you won't regret it!

In other news, everyone needs these shoes for summer.  Oh, and this necklace too.

So tell me friends- what did the Easter bunny bring you this year?
If there were Cadbury MiniEggs in your basket, send them my way NOW (please)!

xo, lp

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  1. Hahahah I'm eating my Cadbury mini eggs right NOW!

    1. gahhh jealous! i might need to go get some!

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