Monday, July 27, 2015


 Howwww is Monday here already? 
If I could take just 1 more day and get a few solid naps in that would be great. By the way, isn't one of the best things about being a grownup taking names on the weekend? I can't believe I ever fought them as a kid, seriously.

Here's what's good lately:

#1: Ooooh it is prime Farmer's Market season, my friends. Michael and I wandered around the Square and picked up so many great things- including these currants (which will be featured in a recipe post soon!):

 #2: Other than all the produce we bought (like zucchinis the size of a toddler), we also got some gorgeous flowers. How perfect are these?

#3: If there's a candy out there, I'll put it in rainbow order. I recently found out there are pina colada Starburst. 
My first question is: WHY!?!
My second questions is: Does anyone actually like them!?

 #4: This week's recipe is a treat, my friends. If you like grapefruit, this is SO for you!

Okay, I care about your weekend and all, but I REALLY want to know if anyone out there actually likes pina colada Starburst...

xo, lp

For more of a look into the weekend, go HERE!


  1. No, pina colada starbursts are not good

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