Monday, July 20, 2015


It happened this weekend. We went to wedding #4 of the summer...and this one was so. so. good. 
It was way up in northern Minnesota- so Michael and I broke up the drive with a day trip to Duluth before heading up to the wedding site.  We ate, drank, and were extra merry celebrating his cousin & his new wife! 

Other than that, life has been pretty calm. Work is good, Michael is super busy with school, and the humidity is just rising daily! 
As you'll see below, selfie sticks (like this) are my new shameful favorite thing, I'm on the hunt for some comfy summer white leggings (like these ones), and Rocksbox keeeeps killin' it.


Here's what's good lately:

#1: Loren Hope necklaces just feel like they were MADE for me. Coral + Gingham = Summer, right?
(free month of jewelry by going to and using code "beautyandbeardxoxo") 
coral + gingham

#2: Errrrything white for summer. I love me some black & navy- but I'm currently trying to stock up on summer whites. Right now looking for the best ivory pants and white leggings (like these options) to round out my assortment. And no, the white leggings would be like comfy sleep-leggings. I'm not about that leggings-as-pants thing, especially if they're white!
love this comfy white sleep outfit

#3: Like I mentioned, Michael and I spent a little time in Duluth on Friday, and while it was HOT, it was also gorgeous! I haven't been there in ages, so it was great to explore around a little bit:
duluth mn

 #4: The wedding this weekend was unreal. Set at the Bride's family's property, overlooking a lake, surrounded by trees. Each detail was so thought out- like these gorgeous centerpieces:
great idea for wedding table numbers- piece of wood (birch) cut at an angle + vinyl number sticker! could paint the number on too!

#5: The hit of the wedding (other than the bride + groom, duh) was the SELFIE STICK. Seriously. Whenever I see people with them, I think they're ridiculous, but they were SUCH a blast. Such a great way to get a ton of people in a picture without finding someone to take it. Plus, they make everyone laugh because they're RIDICULOUS. Proof is in the picture below (of michael's family!):

So what was good with your week, my friends?
Anyone else attend an awesome wedding recently?
xo, lp


for more images (if you're like me and loooove pictures, go HERE!)

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