Thursday, November 19, 2015


You all know how much I love jewelry, which is why I am SO excited to share some sparkly holiday gifts from UncommonGoods! If you haven't heard of UncommonGoods, they're a site that basically has everything under the sun you could imagine getting (or giving) as a great gift...including jewelry (like all these handmade pieces!). 
holiday gift guide for jewelry lovers!

I know jewelry can get to a place where it's a cliche gift, but that's why UncommonGoods is so great. There are pieces with real personality (some of which you can personalize) that show you really thought about them when picking out the perfect item! There's such a variety that it's easy to shop for multiple people with different tastes - whether they like big glitzy jewelry or simple, handmade pieces (like these).

I've featured mostly necklaces (like these) in this post because that's my favorite type of jewelry to wear- plus they're one size fits all- so they're easier to buy than rings or cuff bracelets that aren't adjustable! A few necklaces I have to call out below include the amazing amethyst piece on the top row (need!) and the astrology locket right next to it. Having such a subtle detail on the locket makes it seem really personal, without being over-the-top. 
holiday gift guide for jewelry lovers!

Does the lady you're shopping for already have enough baubles? Get her a jewelry holder (like one of these) to store it all in! I personally think the cup that holds makeup brushes is genius.
holiday gift guide for jewelry lovers!

If you want to see more, be sure to click here to see more great Holiday Gifts for women from UncommonGoods!

Which jewelry piece would you pick from the ones above?
Be sure to check out more here!
xo, lp

*this post was sponsored by uncommongoods, but as always, all opinions are my own. like...i really want that amethyst necklace. stat. no stop reading this, go check out uncommongoods now! * 


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