Sunday, November 22, 2015


I normally am someone who likes to give a tangible, in person gift...but sometimes a gift can actually be more thoughtful when it's not something you give in person. I'm talking anything from magazine subscriptions (bridal mags for a friend who gets engaged near the holidays!) to those healthy-snack subscriptions for my paleo-no-gluten-whatever friends who still like to pretend like they are eating snacks like the rest of us.

All of this babble is to assure you that sometimes giving a gift that will continue to surprise someone month after month down the road can be seriously awesome...I mean...who doesn't love getting real mail?

My subscription suggestion this Holiday season shouldn't be a shock to anyone.
Yup, you guessed it, a Rocksbox subscription. 
Gifts start as low as $29, which basically gives them a month of Rocksbox + $20 to spend on jewelry!

Rocksbox is a one-size-fits-all gift that is sure to please anyone with any taste, since they have jewelry options that are over-the-top sparkly as well as simple, clean, and minimalistic. I mean, aren't you sick of your go-to gift for your friends being candles and mugs? Give one of these subscriptions and you don't have to wrap anything, or worry whether or not they'll like it. If your friend/mom/aunt/sister/girlfriend wears jewelry....she'll like this!
 (To learn more about Rocksbox, check out the information posts I've written here, here, and here.)

So now, about the giveaway..the sweet ladies at Rocksbox are offering up 6 months of Rocksbox for FREE.
Like, actually free. No sneaky lame fine print. 6 months to either give as a gift or KEEP for yourself!! That means 6 months of designer jewelry to wear as much as you want, for $0. 
Want to win?
Click  the link HERE to enter!

Giveaway details are within the link above- good luck!

If you want to try Rocksbox now because you're impatient like I am, just use code "beautyandbeardxoxo" at checkout through November 30th for your first month FREE!

xo, lp


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