Thursday, March 10, 2016


(if you're not in the mood for a lengthy post, just skip it and read the reason I'm writing this post; this article)

I love going into antique stores & flea markets. Especially ones in small towns.
Michael is used to this fact- and whenever we go on roadtrips and I see the rusty old "Vintage Shop" sign- I beg and plead until we pull over to search for hidden treasures for half an hour.
(Baby Laura circa 2006 posing with a flea market sign. Why did I think this was cool? Oy.)

A couple years ago we were driving through Stockton, Minnesota- and I saw an "Old Tyme Shoppe" sign. I didn't even have to open my mouth, Michael just rolled his eyes (with a smile on his face) and parked out front. An old woman welcomed me when I entered- and her eyes lit up when she saw Michael walk in behind me- in all his 6'1" glory. 
"Would you mind coming back here and helping me?", she asked, turning towards the back.
Michael and I followed her as she opened the door which led into her attached home. She explained something was wrong with the AC vent, and she couldn't reach it- so she asked Michael to help make it right. While he tinkered, she showed me antique baubles and we chatted.

At the time I was totally baffled (as I always am in such small towns) of the complete and total trust and faith she had in humanity. She took one look at us and trusted us to come right on into her home without a second thought that we might rob her blind. 

We bought a couple items and headed out- with her thanking Michael for his help and waving as we went. We've passed that store a few times since that trip, and each time we would recall how hilarious we thought it was that she had no shame in asking us for help, and let us into her home so freely.

I hadn't thought of her in a while, until Michael sent me this article today, which was republished out of remembrance (as she passed away a few days ago). As I read it I couldn't help but tear up. I didn't even know this woman well, but hearing about all she had been through in her life was overwhelming.

When I finished reading it I wanted to run over to Michael's work and hug him. And then drive to Minnesota and hug my parents. And then drive back here and hug Michael again. 

So stop reading this ridiculous post, and go read this wonderful article about her life. I dare you not to be inspired to be a more appreciative, positive person. It's such a necessary reminder that you have no idea what other people have gone through, and to treat everyone you meet with kindness- like she did with Michael and me that day.

When you finish reading it- send it to someone else!

xo, lp


  1. Wow, so inspiring! Thank you for sharing this, especially as these days it seems there is so much negativity online.

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