Thursday, March 24, 2016


Let me start out with this:
I understand not all women care about purses/bags. 
Some just have a tote they bought on sale at Gap for $6 and use it everywhere (cough cough me in college).
Some just keep a wallet in their back pocket and call it a day.
I, however, have become a purse hoarder in my wise-old age of 28, and these are the 6 bags I always use for every event I go to.
Is this a shallow / materialistic post?
YES! Congrats! You've figured it out! But believe it or not, I get asked where I buy my purses when I'm out- so this post is for those laaaaadies.
If you're not interested, please move along. I don't care for the "why are you posting about bags there are more important issues in the world" comments today.
I'm aware there are more important issues in the world, however, some people like to take their minds off of those issues for a few minutes a day and read post about bags. So. Back. Off.
Rant over.

For those of you that are interested, these are the 6 bags that I own (or versions of, if the ones I own are sold out) that I use for every even possible. Work, Working out, Weddings; you name it, these cover it.
Read below for the details!
The 6 best bags every woman should own!
The Crossbody Bags.

I own 3 cross body bags- each a different color and size, in a specific order. Am I neurotic? Yes! But here's why:

1. The small, neutral greyish-blushish crossbody: I own a slightly older model of this Kate Spade Cedar Hill Cross Body. I use this bag exclusively for weddings/fancy events where I want my dress to be the attention-grabber- and the purse solely to function as a place to store my phone, my money, my lipstick, and a ton of bandages for when my high heels rip apart my feet after dancing for 5 hours straight. This bag runs about $148 at full price, but you can totally find cheaper versions like THIS one.

2. The small-but-slightly-larger black crossbody: This is usually my night-on-the-town purse. Black because it goes with everything and if I spill on it ya can't see it. #truth. It's a little larger that the neutral one above so I can store a few more items in it. Yes, I've gone rogue and used this one at a wedding before. Because I'm a rebel like that. (please tell me sarcasm is coming across on this one). I own a now discontinued Tory Burch number, but the one I show above is neat too. If $300+ isn't in your budget, try THIS one.

3. The halfway handbag- halfway crossbody cognac crossbody: How's that for a clear description? I use this guy when I want to have a relatively low profile bag, but still want to pack my instax camera & a ginger ale. Yes, literally. Because fun fact: I usually have a ginger ale with me wherever I go...but that's a story for another day. This Michael Kors one is exactly the one I own and have used for get-togethers or blog events. It'll run you about $228, but HERE is a cheaper one.

The Tote Bags.

I could write an ode to totes. Because they have all the space in the world and I love them:

4. The canvas zip-top tote: I have a couple of these- one is my gym bag and the other is my work computer bag & and most importantly- my travel bag. The zip top is AMAZING because you can close it and tuck it under a seat on an airplane and your cell phone and tampons won't fly under your seat and cause you to ask your neighbor to help you pick them up #beenthere. These bags will run you about $30-$40 at LLBean/Lands' End, so I'm not even going to offer a cheaper version, cuz that's hella cheap.

5. The nylon packable tote: I love this bag because if you spill on it- or you get caught in a rainstorm- it doesn't get ruined. That's because it's super durable nylon! Plus, when empty it packs up into a tiny rectangle- which is great when you're travelling and want more than one purse option when you get to your destination- this takes up almost no space in a suitcase. I swear by THIS Longchamp (shown above) which will run you $145, however you can find cheaper nylon bags like THIS one.

6. The oversized leather tote: I alternate between this bag and #5 as my everyday-bring-to-work bags. I own the exact color shown above from Madewell ($170) and now that it's broken in the leather is like buttttahhhh. It holds a ton of stuff and goes with any casual outfit. Plus it's purty on the instagramz. Pretty much everyone and their mother has knocked this bag off, so you can find a cheaper one HERE.

What bag do you swear by?
Are you a hoarder like I am??

xo, lp

proof of the bagz and that i'm not just lying to you:
*also- more proof of bag love on my instagram HERE

*also also- no one sponsored this post. i just really like to go on long diatribes about bags. because i'm crazy like that. also, because i'll get fired if i don't mention it- i work for lands' end, but i get NO benefit from posting about that tote at work-swear on my love for bags that i don't. *


  1. I've had a leather bag like that from Madewell for years! Such a classic :) I even got it when they were doing free monogramming!

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