Monday, April 14, 2014


Monday! You came too quickly!

In case you all didn't get it from me cutting off from blogging midweek..or from all the instagram posts- I took off for a quick vacation for a few days with Michael & friends. It was much needed- and it's going to be seriously hard to snap back into reality this week!

Here's what's up lately:

Can you tell I work at an apparel brand with some nautical heritage behind it when it's totally normal to dress like this for work? This outfit makes me feel like I should be hangin' out on a yacht in New England:

I recently got some goodies from Elizabeth @ Spike the Punch and Sugarfina- so I clearly had to fill my compulsive need to put 'em in rainbow order :)

M & I roadtripped with friends down to Nashville- and made a couple great stops on the way. Our first night was spent in Indy- with pull tabs & pizza at a VERY smoky bar. Boo to cigs still being allowed in bars in other states! We had a fabulous time laughing at the ridiculous band & getting some quality people watching in.
Day & night #2 was spent in Kentucky- in the bourbon capitol of the world. We toured Maker's Mark, explored downtown Bardstown, and ended up at a really cool hidden bar with great live music. The whole town smells like sour mash because of the distilleries surrounding it. So crazy!
The next day we headed to Nashville & did all things honky-tonk. We line danced, rode mechanical bulls, visited the Grand Ole Opry,  sang along with country bands, and drank our fair share :) 
Our final day & night we explored Vanderbilt, scouted food trucks and thrift stores, enjoyed whiskey flights and bbq, and headed to East Nashville for a full-hipster experience at night. 
I already miss the 80 degree, sunny weather. Le sigh.
If you're headed to Nashville anytime soon, I absolutely have some recommendations!

Now, back to reality---
Tomorrow I'll be sharing a seriously delicious recipe that any coconut lover will appreciate (and is kosher for Passover, if you're celebrating!)

Whew! So what did I miss while I was gone everyone?
Anyone going to Nashville soon? Please take me with you!

xo, lp

for more nashville goodness, and general entertainment, you can find me on instagram here --> @lpodlich


  1. I was in Nashville for a wedding in Sept and I am so disappointed I didn't get out to explore the city more (I was too hungover from the rehearsal dinner after party -- oopsy poopsy). Luckily, I do have some family who live there so hopefully trips are in my future! I love how you arranged those sweets though. Makes me smile and dream of more colorful days:)


  2. Stopping by via MMG...I have to say I love your whole outfit. Totally makes me want to steal this and wear it soon as well. :) I may or may not have very similar items in my closet.

    Happy Monday.

  3. I loved looking through your guys' pictures from your vacation - it looks like you had a great time :)

    also those coconut things....I think I need to move back to Madison so I can make you make me them ALL THE TIME.


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