Monday, April 7, 2014


Monday! I can't even be mad at you this week since I actually feel like I got a full weekend in!

It was so gorgeous out this weekend, it was hard to be in a bad mood. 
I mean...other than the Badgers losing. That blew. BUT OTHERWISE. Great weekend to be in Wisconsin!

Here's what's been good over hear lately, as shown by Instagram:

1. Sending out some happy mail! A favorite friend gave me these postcards for my birthday a while back and they are so much fun to send out- you can't not smile if you receive one of these. If you wanna jump on the snail mail bandwagon and be pen pals, just email me : beautyandbeard(at)gmail(dot)com !

2. I know I've mentioned this before, but I get on food kicks like a low-grade addict, and grapefruits are my current target:
 3. Heidi Braids have made an appearance again-- get the tutorial here!
 4. Not to let the nice weather go to waste, M & I were outside a TON this weekend. Walk & frisbee playing on Saturday, and a few hour long hike at Devil's Lake State Park. Please see M scaring the crap outta me by rock jumping below:

In addition to spending time outside, we've officially started our Dive-Bar-Tour-de-Wisconsin. We find hole in wall, tiny tiny places (usually cash only) - and order the same thing, and grade it. Super nerdy, I know- but it's really fun! If you ever are in Wisconsin and want eat at a great dive bar, let me know!

Anyone else a fan of finding hole in the wall places?
If you know of a good one in Wisconsin- let me know & we'll be sure to go!

xo, lp

***lemme see what you've been up to lately! what's your instagram handle??
*** ALSO: i'll be a little sparce this week because i'll be on vacation... follow along here!


  1. Tell me about the dive bars you go to -- I'm a huge fan! I just had drinks at Le Tigre this weekend and it was a BLAST.

    1. we love the square tavern in baraboo, and the hooterville in in blue mound!!


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