Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Here's 12 reasons to look forward to summer...and to buy a ton of cute paper straws!

1. Fizzy Pineapple Lemonade Punch- you'll never guess what the secret ingredient is! 
2. Raspberry Bourbon Fizz- Bourbon, but ladylike.
3. Kiwi Berry Sangria- If you're feeling a little tropical
4. Not-so-Kiddie-Cocktail- aka the Dirty Shirley
5. Orange Ginger Mojitos- doesn't get more refreshing than these!
6. The Clemetini- the best way to get your Vitamin C
7. Nectarine Basil Lemonade- with or without vodka, you choose.
8. Raspberry Lemon Maritini- a whole lot of girly in one glass.
9. Brandy Slush- hands down the best summer drink EVER.
10. Mixed Berry Mojito- In case you can't pick a favorite berry!
11. Strawberry Lemon Candy Vodka- the sweetest there is.
12. Patriotic Icee Slush- for all you who love the red,white, and blue.

If you're not quite in the summer mood yet, be sure to pin this and make 'em later!

What's your favorite summery drink?
Bonus points if it's one of these!

xo, lp


  1. oh my goodness all of these drinks look so delicious! I cannot wait to try and make them this summer, thanks for sharing!
    Dana Kay

  2. Yum! Kiwi Berry Sangria! They all look delish!


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