Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Orange Strawberry Fizz Popsicles. Yum.

I don't know about you, but we made popsicles as kids all the time. It wasn't much more than pouring pre-made juice into molds, but it made us feel like we were making something special. Now, these were the days before the amazing Zoku Quick Pop makers mind you, so we actually had to be patient and wait half a day for them to freeze. 

Sorry, enough nostalgia. I saw this cheap set of ice pop molds at Rite Aid and knew I needed them- and my first popsicle was this orange-strawberry beaut:

Clearly making popsicles isn't rocket science, but I'll throw the recipe your way just in case you decide you'd like to give these a try:

What you'll need to make it happen (serves 4):
- 1 medium-large orange
- 6 medium strawberries
- 2 tablespoons lemon juice
- 1-2 ounces Sprite 
- 1 teaspoon sugar

How to make it happen:
Step 1: Squeeze your orange juice into a bowl and add your sugar and lemon juice.
Step 2: Cut your strawberries into quarters and mash until in fairly small pieces, adding half to the juice mixture.
Step 3: Fill your ice molds about 1 inch from the top, and add your remaining mashed berries. Top off with Sprite.
Step 4: Freeze 'em, duh.
Step 5: Enjoy these sweet & sour fruity pops!

 As you can see, the bits of strawberries stay mainly in the middle/bottom of the pop. To have them equally spread out, skip the Sprite and stick with sliced berries instead of mashed!

Needless to say, these babies went FAST in the VA heat. 
They're still packed away from the move, but I can't wait to try more flavors, especially with all the Pinterest inspiration out there!

Anyone have recipes they'd like to share?
....or a Zoku? Do they really work?

xo, lp

psssssst: looking for more fun recipes? click here!


  1. I do not know what you're talking about, these are way more fancy than the ones that I did! And yes, the Zoku works!

  2. those look awesome!! I want one today!!

  3. These sound pretty perfect in this summer heat. I am thinking I need to go get myself a popsicle maker!

  4. This sounds so perfect for summer time, especially in the humidity (where did that 68 degree weather from saturday go?). Great post love!

  5. holy yum! these sound so good, and super easy to make! i will definitely be making these, and yes the va heat is awful! x

  6. these look so tasty! i bought a Popsicle mold on an impulse last summer and it was a sad sad sight. i didnt have it propped up the right way in my freezer!

  7. Why don't we live closer?! This way you could make all of these delicious recipes for me :) This sounds so good and now I'm craving a popsicle!


  8. I agree with Angela's comment...I wish we all lived closer! Oh, the fun times we would have! These look dee-lish and make me think of my childhood days too!

  9. Perfect summer treat! They sound very fresh and very tasty. I totally remember making popsicles when I was younger. It was like kool aid though, nothing this fancy. Ha.

  10. What a perfect summer treat! I am going to make these right now! xx

  11. Looks so good. What a great blog you have makes me hungry lol. If you have a min check out mine if you have not already :)


    have a great day


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