Monday, July 2, 2012

Photo a day june

How the heck is it July? What? Seriously. 
Last month I participated in one of the many "photo a day" challenges- and while in May I kind of enjoyed being pushed to take a picture of my day, this month I really wasn't into it anymore. Kind of feel like it ended up "forcing" me to take boring pictures. I won't be doing the challenges anymore- but it is fun to look at the collage of every day put together:
In other news, 3 things made me really happy last week:
1. Meeting up  with Angela from Head to Toe Chic in Richmond the day before we left.  Her and her husband drove up from Raleigh to visit! She happens to be insanely sweet, so if for some reason you don't already follow her, go check out her blog! 
2. I got my Bauble Swap* gift from the lovely Andrea of Blonde Ambitions. It's a perfect orange and gold necklace that I may or may not have already worn. Twice. Thank you Andrea!
3. I got my Pen and Paint prints in the mail...and of course had to promptly pack them up- can't wait to be in a new place to set them up!!
Everyone make it through the East Coast storms okay? 
The brick wall in our apartment started leaking. See Instagram for proof. Yuck.

xo, lp

In other news, if you've been following along in the past few weeks - we have officially moved out of Richmond! Yesterday we made our way to DC to see a few college friends and my cousins, and as you're reading this we're on our way to Philadelphia to see yet another college friend! If you don't already, hop on the "follow B&B" bandwagon to hear/see more about our adventure:
(both @lpodlich)

* For more info on the Bauble Swap click below!


  1. We've been without power since Friday night....luckily it just came back on last night around 1am!! Everything was a mess around here though!

  2. At least you followed through and actually took all the Photo A Day June pix... I stopped at about the 5th because I wasn't entertained enough ha! So congrats to that! I love the necklace that Andrea sent you btw!! Be careful on the road xoxo

  3. Yea I never finished a photo a day...never. Because I'm very dedicated, OBVIOUSLY. Have a great trip!!!

  4. So glad we got to meet this weekend!!!!! Have so much fun on your trip :)


  5. Glad you got out of Richmond in time to avoid the power outages!! And good for you being able to keep up with that photo challenge. I made it to like day 10 or so in May and called it quits. ha! I hope y'all have a fun time in New England :)

  6. I love your Bauble Swap necklace, it's gorg! I got mine too and I feel bad bc I haven't put my partner's in the mail yet! I am doing it today though! Good luck on your trip :) Thanks for linking up!

  7. Love what you got from Andrea!!! Yay!! So glad you and Angela got to meet this weekend!! Safes travels, lady!! So excited for you guys!!

  8. That collage is awesome! How did you make that?

    I love "meeting" new bloggers so I'll totally check out Angela's blog

    And yay for a good swap. Andrea is awesome so you are one lucky lady!

    Thanks for linking up with us! :)

    1. Hey Leann!
      Just use for the collage!

  9. Those prints are so cute. I must check out that Etsy shop. Thanks for linking up!

  10. Omg what's that picture w the alligator?! That's not real? I love the collage. I've done these too. I should make a collage it's cool to see! Love your outfit from the blogger date! Super cute!

    1. wish the alligator was real! haha the jefferson hotel in RVA used to have live alligators in the entryway pool-- so now them commemorate it with fake ones outside!


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