Thursday, July 19, 2012

summer [link] lovin' with Meaghan of District Sparkle

Okay, okay. Let me just preface this post from Meaghan (District Sparkle) with a little kudos to her for her patience with me. I asked her to do this guest post a few weeks back, which she happily agreed. Between being busy for work and a few computer/email malfunctions, I didn't get the post until yesterday- which for Type A me freaked me out. Rather than throwing in the towel, she put up with me frantically worrying and got this lovely post to me (and in turn, all of you). On top of that, I had won a Spike the Punch necklace from a giveaway M did, and because I've been in 14 states in the last 3 weeks, haven't gotten it yet. Now that I'm home I won't be such a to-do list burden for you Meaghan, I promise!!!! So let's just take a minute to give her a round of applause for her patience!

My most fashionable giveaway winner & your favorite blogger, Laura, asked me to contribute to her blog whilst roughing it in the wilderness. & for that I am extremely thankful. I'm incredibly excited to hang with you fabulous readers for the day, & have got to give my girl props. I'm not sure I remember the last time I went camping...but glamping? Now that is a weekend I can get on board with! 
Today, we're talking about summer. The heat, the long weekends, the delicious recipes, & most importantly, the fashion. These links are just a few of the things about summer that I'm loving at the moment. 

[photo c/o Atlantic Pacific]

1. Blair has got this summer's pattern mixing trend down to a science. Stripes & florals never looked so good.
2. In the mood for a quick & delicious meal on these hot sumemr nights? Laney's got you covered.
3. A potential front-runner for a big birthday right around the corner.
4. Fellow DC blogger, Abbey, takes red, white & blue to a whole new level over on District Dress Up.
5. Stocking up on summer essentials for the workplace? Belle covers all the basics.
6. Still searching for that perfect summer dress for any occasion? Helena kills it in this [super affordable] ASOS number.
7. My summer crush.

Love what you see? Head over to District Sparkle for tons of outfit posts, summer inspiration, & must-haves.

xo Meaghan

Why can't I mix stripes and floral look so good? Not fair.

Thanks for the round-up of summer link love Meaghan! Make sure you all go and check out District Sparkle and her AMAZING G.L.A.M project. This lady is pretty kick butt, people.

xo, lp


  1. Hi! I found you via District Sparkle and your blog is super cute!

    Meaghan - You 100% need that bedazzled birthday top!


  2. I am LOVING your blog design. it looks so good!!


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