Wednesday, October 17, 2012


A few weekends ago my parents were in town, and it was cold. 
I mean...COLD.
Rather than sit inside all weekend, we decided to be good old hearty Midwesterners and bundle up to enjoy the rest of fall. Madison has the most amazing farmer's market each Saturday, and the grey skies just made all the produce look that much more beautiful. I have to admit, I actually prefer to go to the market when it's cold or a little rainy. Why? Well then the moms with the unnecessarily large strollers (which I call Escalade strollers) stay home, for fear their pampered baby may get a chill...thus not blocking the entire walkway as they gossip with their girlfriends. Score.

rainbow chard:
 handsome michael:
 more spice:
 rosy red:
 lovely fall decorations:
 bunches and bunches:

Oh, and we made sure to get LOTS of things, my favorites being cranberry orange scones, leeks, 2 kinds of cheeses, chipotle popcorn, and cherry jam.

Anyone else love farmer's markets too?
Especially on chilly fall days, sans Escalade strollers?

xo, lp


  1. i love the farmers market!! I always go straight for the samples.. and make sure to head home with a fresh thing of flowers!

  2. i would love the farmers market if it didn't take an act of congress for me to get to it. like almost nothing in nyc is convenient.

  3. I love farmer's markets. There is a small local one in my city, and then a big one downtown Detroit that I love going to. It is so much fun!

  4. I'm crazy about farmers markets, rain or shine. I went to one a few weekends ago and came away with so many amazing, colorful pictures (and delicious veggies, of course). Love 'em!

    The Glossy Life

  5. I should probably try going to the Farmer's Market in RIC one of these days...this looks fabulous!

  6. I love farmer's markets. I really should go more often!


  7. Thank you for capturing one of my favorite things from the most amazing place on earth. Was this Illinois weekend? We were was COLD.


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