Wednesday, October 24, 2012


There are a lot of creative people sharing cool things on the internet. 
Wow, vague statement of the year, no?

Where I was trying to go with that useless sentence was that while cruising through Pinterest I saw some majorly cool pumpkin ideas that other bloggers had come up with, and got all inspired.

So I went out, bought some mini pumpkins, and settled in to be oh-so creative and let that inspiration just go crazy. Wellllll I think sometimes when you try too hard to be creative-you just get stuck in trying to decide what to do to top what you've seen. 

So rather than get to wild and crazy, I stuck to some simple basics, monogram & dots. 
(we all know I've done both of those... here and here):

All you'll need is:
Black puffy paint
Gold Acrylic paint
Gold glitter
Foam brush

The first one is simple. Do you know the first letter of your first or last name? Did you learn cursive in 2nd grade? Well, then you can make this happen. I just drew out an L in pen and traced it out with black puffy paint. Stay with me here folks, I know you're blown away. In the end, you'll get this:

The second one might be even easier. I included a foam brush on you "need" list, but imma level with you, I finger painted this pumpkin. Like I said, why go complicated when you can go so simple? I highlighted a few dots with gold glitter and bam. Done. Kate Spade-esque, right?

Here they are together on our shelves. Please note that I have a Shel Silverstein book there. Yup.

Just for good measure, let me share some cool ideas I saw out there:
1.  Ashley's gold dot pumpkins.
2. Erika's edgy chic pumpkins.
3. Aimee's washi tape pumpkins.
4. Shannon's gold thumbtack pumpkins.

How did you decorate your pumpkins this year?
Please tell me someone else finger painted. Please.

xo, lp


  1. I finally bought a faux pumpkin this year and painted chevron stripes on it. It took FOREVER!!! The hubs and I are carving our pumpkins this Saturday and I'll also paint a simple "S" on our white pumpkin. I hope to share pictures next week before Halloween!

  2. I haven't decorated mine yet! It's usually just me, my pumpkin & a Sharpie- we'll see how it turns out this year. Your KS-like pumpkin is fabulous!!

  3. very adorable. I need to be better at decorating. I am loving the simplicity in this project.

  4. Love these! I did mind with chalkboard paint and gold leaf this year and I really liked the end result. Your letter one is adorable...I honestly don't think I could write that neat!

    The Glossy Life

  5. So adorable and right up my alley on the easiness!!! And thanks for sharing the other ideas too...the edgy pumpkin and washi tape ones are beyond amazing. I feel like a such a loser for not getting creative with our pumpkins!! I guess I still have a week left!! LOL!

  6. These are just my DIY difficulty! Plus we share a monogram. So cute Laura!

  7. I love that you have Shel Silverstein as a coffee table book. I'm totally digging mine up!


  8. I like the monogram one!! and at least you bought apartment is lacking in decorations because i am lazy!! ahahha

  9. Those both came out awesome. We have 4 pumpkins & none are decorated. We are so lame.

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