Thursday, March 28, 2013


 Happy Thursday, friends!

I rarely, rarely do giveaways.  It's not that I don't love sharing opportunities with you all to win fun things- I mean, who doesn't love that? I just want to make sure that anytime I do a giveaway, it's for a product/shop I fully love. Besides- if you all just hung around for the giveaways...well...that'd just hurt my feelings. 

That being said, believe me when I say I am SO excited about this giveaway...and seriously jealous of whoever wins. Allow me first to introduce you to the shop, The First Snow!

Darah is the sweet Colorado shop owner behind The First Snow- a shop full of some of the most beautiful paper goods you could want! While she specializes in custom wedding invites/cards/etc, she also has an array of lovely prints and stationary.

First- for you engaged or soon to be engaged, you MUST check out her customizes save the dates, invites, thank you notes, cake toppers, and stickers. My all time favorite? The personalized "will you be my bridesmaid?" paper dolls. Stop. So. Cute.

Next- a ton of colorful, happy & sweet prints! My favorite is the Lumineers quote- I actually randomly repinned the print on Pinterest, which led me to her shop! (psssst: you have a chance to win one of these!)

Finally, her selection of cards is top notch. I haven't fully hopped on the France/Paris obsessed, macaron eating, "Oui!" necklace wearing train- but these cards have stolen my heart. The gold foil "Merci" is my favorite! (pssssst: yup you have chance to win these too!)

So now that I've rubbed all of this beauty in your face, let me tell you what you have a chance to win!

1 person will win either a set of stationary or a print shown above (up to $50 value!).
Calm yourselves. I know you're all jacked! If you can't wait to see if you win, just head on over to The First Snow and treat yo'self to something pretty right now- tell Darah I say hi!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck!
Giveaway will close 4/3/13

xo, lp

 Oh- and so we're clear, this giveaway is all just for you. I'm not getting paid for this or anything fun like that. 

**all images in this post are items and images from The First Snow. If you pin, please give the shop proper credit!**


  1. OBSESSED WITH EVERYTHING IN HER SHOP! It's all so beautiful! If I had to, I'd say my favorite is the Custom Thank you wedding note cards. It was hard to choose, though! Xo

    Katie S.

  2. Oh I love this shop! I just passed this along to my sistet in law to be for their wedding this fall!

    Heart them

  3. I love the two drifters off to see the world. So cute!

  4. OH MY GOD. You literally just MADE my day. I'm obsessed with her shop! I'd have to say my favorite is the "About Love and Grace" Mumford piece (one of my favorite songs), but I really love everything. Safe to say I've never wanted to win anything MORE!

  5. I love these cards! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the "I love you to the moon and back" print! All her stuff is so gorgeous!

  7. I LOVE the assorted note cards! The XOXO is my favorite!

  8. Oh my, so many lovely things to choose from!
    Her prints are gorgeous.
    I love the bridesmaid paper doll garland and the gold foil "Bonjour" greeting card is my fav.

  9. My favorite is the "Love Is Sweet" cake print!

  10. Im with you i LOVE the Lumineers. Anddd just bought tickets to see them :)

  11. I LOVE the peach Mumford and Sons print! It would be perfect to put on our cake table at our fall wedding. Decor that will last forever.

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE the frank sinatra quote.

  13. Absolutely in love with the "Lover of the Light" print! Yay Mumford! :)

  14. Thank you so much for sharing this shop! I'm in love with the bridesmaid paper dolls. Need!

  15. I love the bridesmaid paper dolls. Such a cute idea!

  16. I love the Lover of Light floral print! Hoping I win!

  17. I am on the Paris train (living there will do it to ya!), and I also love those French cards. Would be so perfect for birthdays and upcoming weddings!! Although my sister just got engaged...wonder if I could do something with those save-the-dates...

  18. Oh man, I've never heard of her shop before but these are gorgeous! Love the Mumford and Sons print :)


  19. the lover of the light print is gorgeous

  20. That pink "Lover of the light" print! Must have!

  21. Oh my gosh so many gorgeous things! I think I love the "Two Drifters off to see the world" 8.5x11 print the most! Oh but I LOVE the Roald Dahl Look Lovey quote too! So many great choices.

  22. I love the XOXO cards! Kinda my thing! They would be perfect!!!

    Love Jenny XOXO

  23. I love the "Love is Sweet" 8.5x11 print. It's just perfect!


  24. The Mumford and Sons print is on the top of my list - has my wedding colors! I just used it in my wedding inspiration board!

  25. I love all of the prints with the Mumford quotes. Some of my favorite songs!

  26. I love the "Love is sweet" print. Would be so cute for a bridal shower I'm throwing my sister!

  27. Those gold lettered Parisian cards are the best!

  28. I love the custom cake topper! So adorable!

  29. I really really <3 The Mumford & Sons and The Lumineer's prints!!

  30. LOVE it all! My favorite is the I Belong with You/Lumineers print.


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