Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Have any of you all ever been groupies of something?
A show? A band? A celebrity?

I rarely get overly giddy about such things (except Adam Levine. mm-mm tattoos have never looked so good), but watch out kids, here I go, babbling about something like a little kid. 

So a while back I started following one talented dude on Instagram. Crazy creative pictures, quirky sense of humor, and sweet Pantone play with food. Sold. A week later, Instagram featured him. Boom. Double sold. 

A week after that, I find out my sister KNOWS him. Evidently the Minneapolis art community is smaller than I thought, because my talented photographer sister is friends this guy! Yes, I WARNED YOU I was going to get all 6th grade giddy, so don't act annoyed right now. So, I did the thing any mature adult would do - I told her I was a groupie and asked her to ask him for permission to use his images on the blog. Spoiler alert: he said yes!

Allow me to introduce you to a small portion of the cool art of David Schwen (or @dschwen, for you instagram fools). This is just a small window into his talented world, but I love these! He takes food pairings & turns them into Pantone gold. What's even cooler is he's offering signed, limited edition prints in his shop.

Check a few of them out:

Which of these pairings is your favorite?
I love the cocoa & marshmallows and the wasabi & soy!
(but let's be real, i'd take them all)

xo, lp

***If you plan on pinning this image, please give credit to David Schwen or DSchwen! As much as I'd love to take credit for this idea, I just can't. Sad day. ***

Don't believe me? Maybe you'll listen to Huffington Post , FoodBeast , Design Lovefest, or the 34,000 people who follow him on Instagram.


  1. These are too funny! I love the peas and carrots one!

  2. As a former Madisonian (and Ian's lover) I have to go with the mac & cheese!

    1. Good choice! (and best Ian's slice for sure! )

  3. So fun!!! I love the last pairing the most!


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