Thursday, March 21, 2013


Before you start rolling your eyes and say "LAURA. Kate Spade new arrivals have been out for WEEKS, what a lame blog post", calm yourself.

I'm aware these are hot off the press, but it doesn't make them any less pretty. So chill. Also, if you're calling my blog posts lame...just go away in general. No negative Nancys in this joint! 

Besides having cool new arrivals, dear old Kate is celebrating its 20th year with free shipping and returns in the USA. Boom.
Here are a few of my favorite (not so new) arrivals:

When I talked about J.Crew's Liberty florals I told you all that until age 12 I avoided flowers pretty much like the plague. It's true. But darn it all if some of the kate spade florals are so good looking even Vans, cargo jean wearing me would like them.

Stripes are always my jam, and these Hit Your Stride idiom bangles and stripe setting studs are right on par. And as for colorblocking, the green & navy grove court cora and linen & pink charlotte street sloan are my top picks.

Oh, and in my hypothetical iPhone world, this would be my new case. 

What do you love from the (not so) new arrivals?
I have to go with the navy & green grove court cora. I feel like it would go with everything!

xo, lp


  1. Love your picks, lovely. KS is always near and dear to my heart. No matter how old or new.

  2. LOVE all the florals. But that's really no surprise...Kate Spade always gets it right!

  3. How did I not know about those striped studs?! They're gorgeous!

  4. Have you seen the new Kate Spade Saturday collection? I'm posting my favorites tomorrow!

    1. YES!! I love it! I keep putting things in and out of my cart. Can't wait to see your favorites!

  5. That navy floral clutch is amazing!

  6. i'll take it all, but really the studs and the floral crossbody bag please

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