Monday, August 19, 2013


Damn this weekend was good.

Sorry for starting the post off with a swearword, Mom- but it was necessary, because it was that good.

This weekend FELT like a weekend. Fully. We utilized every minute to either run errands, see friends, or do work around the apartment.
Bonfire-ing, grilling, drinking, pool partying, and catching up with friends felt fantastic. Seeing some old coworker friends who moved away a few years ago & then stopping at the Farmer's Market were a few of my favorite moments. Sunday I met with some lovely Wisconsin blogging ladies for brunch- which was fantastic to meet some new people in the area! Of course, like a champ...I didn't take any pictures. Meh. You can all picture that, right? 

Here's what's going on lately: 

Finally getting back into taking some #ootd pictures on Instagram. Those red pants are the comfiest. And like $20. Thanks Gap!

Public Service Announcement: Go here and buy this candle. Now. It's on super clearance, and it smells live heaven and Fall. Beside the amazing cedar scent, it also comes in the form of a cute tin mug! Also- ladies- if you live with your dude and he is anti-candle, BUY THIS ONE. I promise he'll like it. It's such an outdoorsy, manly scent!

Gap's new denim is the bomb. Seriously. The Always Skinny and the Legging Jeans are the most flattering jeans ever. Gap is 40% off sitewide ending TODAY, and denim is FINALLY included in the sale. I'll be checking the mail compulsively this week until my order comes. Use code FALLFIX

This next image makes me SUPER happy, because it is telling you all that next week will be HAIR WEEEEEK! Hands down, the #1 thing I get emails, comments, and tweets about is asking how I curl my hair. SO next week I'll be doing a few posts including a couple tutorials and a hair must-have list! 

What are you excited about this week?
Besides cheap Gap denim...

xo, lp


People, this song is my jam. Am I the only one that loves it? Seriously. I have played it wayyy too much for my own good lately. I love that the video just perfectly encapsulates what she's singing in the song. Just the average, mundane day in the life of us normal people :)


  1. Ok, I really want to try out that candle––Anthro always has the best scents!

  2. Love weekends like that! You packed lots in, sounds fun :) xo

  3. That song is my current obsession as well! Just can't seem to get enough of it:)

  4. Yay for weekends! Off to check out that candle!

    P.S. I'm giving away 5 sponsor spots this week on my blog and I'd love for you to come and enter!

  5. That candle is so adorable! I might just have to acquire one.

  6. I don't need any more jeans but I want those sexy boyfriend ones badly!

  7. Just stumbled across one of your blog posts and I love them. I am a new fan. Keep up the great, honest, writing. Thanks.


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